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Jack Knife, US 10000
à jour au: 2018
1984 Plan Jonstone, J41


1986 SORC: ?e/??
Antigua sailing week: ?e/??

1987 SORC: 3e/5 Classe 5 IOR

???? From Sailing Anarchy forum 2018: "Local lore has Jackknife being donated to the Naval Academy.  On a delivery from Block Island back to Annapolis and the yacht ends up grounding. A result of the grounding was a structurally unsound boat and later purchased by the Outboard Shop."

2015 Info from One Ton Class Facebook: "It's been sitting on the hard in Buffalo New York for the last 10 years or so".
Picture received from Jan Kuffel

Should not be this J 41!! seems to be an Holland design?!

2018 July, Info and pictures from Sailing Anarchy Forum,

Comment and picture from Facebook, "Ron Holland designed Admiral’s Cup 44 from 1980 81",