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??, ? ????
à jour au: 2021
1978 Nicholson Half Tonner #0??, plan Ron Holland


???? New owner, and dutch flag, based in Dugerdam
??, NED

???? New owner, and new Belgium flag
Kika, BEL

2020 January, Philipp Jason Hympendahl: "I bought her from a belgium guy, her name was Kika. Before that she belonged to a dutch guy in Durgerdam";

African Queen, GER

2021 June, from Philipp Facebook,

19 October, "Arrived in Hamburg today after great journey from Amsterdam with my beloved halftonner „African Queen“"

November, "I have been sailing round denmark with my halftonner „African Queen“. Two days ago from Tyborøn to Sylt and now I am on Föhr. I have been documenting the trip and the videos are on youtube if anyone is interested"