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Ron Holland:

Prototypes, ou série inconnue:

2001 KA 5255 Holland 30 19??;

Amadeus F ? 1975, ex "Golden Shotok";
Antares II E 1366 Holland 1/2 Ton 1976;
Arlikone III F? ?

Bigouden Express F 7287 1977;
Bourdais Electronique F 6486 1975;
Brilliant FIN 1754 1980;

Checkered Demon USA 10999 construit au chantier Kiwi Boats à Plant City, Floride;
Cherry Bomb USA ? 9e half 75;
Comin' Thru KA 2299 Holland ?, ex "Knuckleduster";

Dacmar F 6486 1975;
Diablesse F 7443 1976;

Fe Ella NED Holland 1987, 20?? For Sale Ron Holland 1/2 ton, Velero de crucero/regata del año 1987 de 9,26m de eslora en Puerto Deportivo Caleta de Velez, Málaga (España), Año: 1987, Eslora: 9.26 m, Localización: Puerto Deportivo Caleta de Velez, Málaga (España), Nombre: Fe ella, Bandera: Holandesa, Astillero: Green marine, Material: Fibra de vidrio, 2021 noted sold ;

Girosplit BRA 826 Fast 303 1983;
Golden Kiwi KZ Holland 197?, 1977 South Pacific HTC: 9e/14, Gil Hedges, 2023 Pictures from Facebook;

Golden Shotok F 6454 1975;
Gradlon 2 F 6486 1975;

Hard Core KA 3225 Holland 30 1980, 2016 Hard Core and its reasonably novice crew sail the Saturday Pointscore series in Division 3 at MHYC. Our aim is to continually improve our performance and remain competitive, mostly however, to have great fun doing it;
It ?? 1982 HTC: 9e/??, dans l'équipe italienne;
Humphrey K 575 1978;

Iberian Shamrock E 747 Holland ? dériveur;

Jean's Foster F 6486 1975;
Jubilée IV F 7443 1976;

King Of Magic K 575 1978, ex "Humphrey";
Knuckleduster KA 2299 Holland 1977, renamed "Comin' Thru";

Marta H E 1505 1987 built in Aluminium, look like Nicholson Half Ton but built in aluminium!
Mash ? 1076;
Measure for measure NZ ? 10e half 75;
Merlin K 8832 1977?;
Miraquetediga K 1089T Holland 30 1974, 2020 March, for sale Año: 1974 Eslora: 9.30 m, Localización: Puerto Deportivo de Marbella, Málaga (España), Bandera: Holandesa, Material: Fibra de vidrio;

Mizar L 2237 Holland 1981 Sandi Finland;
Moanatoa US Holland 19??, 1992 Rubaiyat Trophy: 1st/??, John & Pat Cleall;

Pif Gadget F 6454 1975;
Pinta KA 218 1980 masthead, 2017 Seen on Australian Boat List with picture below, owner: Martyn Riddle;

Rallye F 6486 1975;

Sagar ? ? ?, same bateau: 1989 10 juin, Coupe Baron Philippe, Anglet: 10e/22 IOR, CN Hondarribien, look like Nicholson Half Ton but built in aluminium, picture from Ian (2015):

Screw Loose M 336 1976;
Sea Travel SWE 8823 1980;
Shalom Shamrock I 8552 1976;
Schiffini Prima I 9130 Ron Holland 1980;

Silver Shamrock K 5253 1976;
Silver Shamrock III IR 300 1977;
Silver Shamrock IV IR 400 1978 ;
Sir Wallace BRA Fast 303 1983;
Southern Shamrock Sm195 ? Built by Southern Boat Yard;
Summer Wines K? 1978, construit pour la HTC 78, 1978 Cervantes Race: 5e classe V;

Umzimkulu 2 KA 28 Holland 1980 9.10m masthead and fiberglass, 2017 David Leslie, seen on Australian Boat List with this picture,

Wirtanen FIN? Holland vu à la half 80;

2024 For Sale, Holland 30 1996(?), $33,000 Negotiable, Wantirna, VIC, This yacht will not disappoint as everything is in excellent condition,


Golden Shamrock


Silver Shamrock:

Cowabunga F 7443 1976;
Crazy Horse en 77 F? 1976;
D'Arcy Spice K 5082, 2013 seen at Blacpool, yellow hull;.
Diablesse F 7443 1976;
Jubilée IV F 7443 1976;
Little Imp B 6866 1976;
Piscine Carré Bleu F 7443 1976; 
Silver Foam IRL 9 ?;


Shamrock 30, Southcoast Boat Works, Ireland, 10 bateaux construits à partir de 1976.

Aurora IRL 10 ?, ex "Ozymandias";
IRL 5147 ?, 2013 ICRA National Championship, Tralee: ?e/??, J.P. Buckley, 2017 Donal McCormack, Foynes Yacht Club;
Picture from "Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present" Facebook 2019,
Bateleur IRL 5265 ?

IRL 6 ?, Galway Bay Sailing Club- G. Weller;
Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2019
Cristal Clear
IRL 215 ?, 1979 Hoth-Holyhead: 15e/16 B1, 1980 28th of June, Round Ireland: DNF/13, Tony Farrrelly, ISORA, 6/6 races: 8e/26 B1, Irish Half Ton Cup: ?e/28, 1981 Dun Laoghaire-Holyhead: ret, Abersoch-Dun Laoire: 6e/12 B1, Farrrelly, 1982 June, Round Ireland: 8e/17 en 172h45', A. Farrrelly, Holyhead-Wicklow: 4e/12 B1, Abersoch-Dun Laoghaire: 1er/9, 1983 ISORA, 6/7 races: 2e/18 B1, 1984 ISORA, 5/7 races: 3e/37 B1, 1985 ISORA, 6/7 races: 4e/25 B1, 1986 Round Ireland: 4e/18 en 138h42', A. Farrrelly, ISORA, 6/7 races: 4e/28 B1, 1987 ISORA, 5/7 races: 4e/28 Halfs, F.A. Farrelly;
Golden Rule
K 5185 ?, Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;
Golden Shamrock
SUI 864 ?, 2016 11 juin, Bol D'Or: 405e/511 en 25h47', Pierre Hainault, 2017 17 juin, Bol D'Or: 416e/567 bx en 16h44' temps réel, Pierre Hainault, 2017 9 juin, Bol D'Or: DNF;
2017 Picture from Bol D'Or website,
Golden Sovereign
, pictured by Giles Ruel in 1982 in Brighton Marina:

Fancy That
K?, pictured by Giles Ruel in 1982 at Brighton Marina:

NED 2587 Shamrock 30 ?,
2016 Seen on ORC Boat Database, owner: P Dockman;
GBR 5204 Shamrock 30 1979, 2007 Janvier, à vendre;

Irlande 1978;
Morning Cloud NED 7516 Shamrock 30 ?,
2016 Owner: CGM Berendsen, seen on ORC sailboat database;
Mosika Alma K 5400 Shamrock 1977;
Orinoco IRL 145 Shamrock 1977, Owned by Seamus Gallagher. 1979 Irish Half Ton Cup: ?e/31, 1980 28th of June, Round Ireland Yacht Race: 9e/13, elapsed time: 153h25', 2018 For sale, 6000 £, lying Belfast;
2018 For sale
1980 Round Ireland Yacht Race

Ozymandias IRL 10 ?,
1987 racing in Dun Laoghaire with John Pettit;
IRL 1975, 1979 Isora Race #4: dnf, 1980 ISORA, 4/6 races: 7e/26 B1, J. Firth, 1980 Irish Half Ton Cup: 3e/28
, Michael O'Rahilly, 1981 ISORA, 5/7 races: 8e/18 B1, 1982 ISORA, 5/7 races: 4e/21 B1, D. Kiifeathro, 1983 ISORA, 6/7 races: 5e/18 B1, W. Nolan, 1984 ISORA, 5/7 races: 5e/37 B1, W. Nolan, 1985 Isora Race #1: 8e/16 B1, Race #5: 8e/16, Race #6: 6e/9, W. Nolan, 1986 Isora Race #3: ?e/13 B1;
IR 211 ?, 1979 Fastnet Race: DNF, 1980 ISORA, 3/6 races: 12e/26 B1, 1982 Irish Half Ton Cup: ?e/??, Harry Byrne, 1984 Isora race #4, Holyhead-Howth: 16e/34 B1, Harry Byrne from Howth Yacht Club in the 1980's  and early 1990's;
1979 Irish Newspaper, from from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2019,
from from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020,
Silver Shamrock IV Irlande 1978


Club Shamrock, Built Southern Boatyard, essai de la révue "Régate" de Novembre 1977:

Avanti IRL ?;
IRL 700, 1980 Irish Half Ton Cup: ?e/28, Paddy Kirwan, 1987 racing in Dun laoghaire with Patrick Kirwan, 1992 IR 5121, Round Ireland: DNF/47, Paul Kirwan,
2007 IRL 600, Half Ton Clasic: ?e/25;
Calypso BEL 4411 1978, HTC 09: 22e/23 Mr. Jurgen Puype;
IRL ?, 2014 November, seen
on Dun Laoghaire marina:
Picture from Vincent Delany
IRL ? ?, Was once owned by David Cullen. Royal Irish YC, 2014 Dun Laoghaire marina, 2017 Skipper: Derek Bothwell;
Picture from Vincent Delany
IRL ? ?,
was formerly owned by President of Ireland Dr. Hillary, and named after the Abbey close to where he was born. His sailing manager was Mr.Jack Craig;
Debonair IRL 4 ?;
Demelza IRL 100;
IRL 3 ?, 1987 racing in Dun laoghaire with Denis Nolan, 2013 In London:

IRL 209 ?,
1979 Irish Half Ton Cup: ?e/31, Liam Shanahan, 1980 Irish Half Ton Cup: ?e/28, Liam Shanahan, 1982 June, Round Ireland: 11e/17 en 192h12', L. Shanahan, ISORA, 5/7 races, 5e/21 B1, 1983 Wicklow-Holyhead: dsq, Shanahan, 1984 ISORA, 3/7 races: 12e/37 B1, 1987 Racing in Dun laoghaire with Michael Horgan and Peter Ryan, ISORA, 6/7 races: 7e/28 halfs, 1988 June, Round Ireland: 24e/50 en 6j18h33', Peter Ryan, Isora Race #1: 5e/9 Halfs, 1989 ISORA, 5/7 races: 4e/13 Halfs, 1992 Round Ireland: 11e/47 elapsed time 5d20h10', Peter Ryan, 1994 Round Ireland: DNF/53, Peter Ryan & M. Hogan, coeff: 0.906;
Fiona IR 233 ?;
Justine II
IR 41 Club Shamrock ?,
1978 ISORA Race Week: 7-11-8-9 = 9e/17 b1, 1 July, Dun Laoghaire-Holyhead Race: 5e/11 Class V, IOR: 21.5, coque blanche et rouge, F.X. Woods, ISORA, 6/8 races: 5e/28 B1;
IRL Club Shamrock 30,
2015 June, seen in Howth Marina, County Dublin;
Lady Shamrock
IRL 69,
1988 June, Round Ireland: 31e/50 en 7j12h08', Paul Clandillon, 1992 Round Ireland: 11e/47 en 5j20h17', P. Ryan & M. Horgan, Last seen Iniscealtra Sailing Club;
IRL 41 ?, ex "Justine II", 1982 Dun Laoghaire-Port St Mary: dnf, Callanan, 1987 racing in Dun laoghaire with Gerry Callanan, Isora Race #5: ?e/21 Halfs;
IRL Club Shamrock ?, 2017 Francis Ennis;
Musika Alma ? Club Shamrock 197?, Old owner: Martin Rudkin, 1979 Fastnet Race: DNF, 2019 Based in Cardiff;
Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2019, "This is a pic of Musika Alma after the ‘79 Fastnet when she was chartered by the Civil Service Sailing Club, one of the crew at the time got in touch and generously shared his story and pics with me";
IRL? , T+M O'Keefe won WIORA 1990;
Rhapsody in Blue
IRL ? ?,
1980 "Rhapsody" Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire: 7e/19 B1, 2010 owned by Sean Flood former owner of 'Country Girl.', 2015 June, seen in Howth Marina, County Dublin, Sean Flood represented Ireland in the 505 class, and raced extensively in ISORA. (Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association). 'Rhapsody' does not race and is set up as a cruising boat, 2017 Sean Flood;

Rumkinilly IR 204 19??, Comment and Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020 "Rumkinilly was one of the last Club Shamrocks to be built – Stuart Brownlow ran the SCB stores and here he is in his new boat with Richard Harrington – please help with the rest of the crew. Stuart applied the same scheme to his next Rumkinilly (a fractional rig DB1) in case anyone is confused!";

IRL ? ?, 1983-1994 Owner Mr Wilsdon, 2014 Seen at lough Derg yacht club Dromineer Ireland by Vincent D, 2016 Same place:
2014, 2016,
Setanta Too IR ??6, 1977 En photo dans l'essai de la revue "Régate", 1978 Cork week: ?e/??, 1995 owned by Frank Cudmore;

Shamrock BEL2208 1978;
IRL ? ?;

Taiscealai IRL 851 1978;
Tantrum Too IRL Club Shamrock ?, 2017 Ray Klimcke;
K?, 1996 Cowes Week: 3e/?? CHS5;
Urva Da IRL ?, 2014 November, seen on Dun Laoghaire marina:
Picture from Vincent Delany

2005 A Vendre 22500 Euros...

2017 12 July, unknow Club Shamrock, picture from Vincent,

Impact, bateaux construits en Afrique du Sud:

Halali SA 339 Impact Mod ?;
Hello ? Impact 30 ?;
Impact SA 223;
Impulse SA 336 Impact 30 ?;
Kucklebuck SA 358 ?;
Le Palma SA 542 Impact ?, 2002
21 février, Round The Island Race, Lake Deneys: 376e/438, 5h34' corrected time, Daniel Kuys;

2023 December, For Sale The 30 Impact has a rich heritage and internationally known as The Shamrock built in Cork, Ireland. The Impact is a popular sailing vessel and offers good sailing characteristics from the well know Ron Holland design. Mooring in South Africa, Rented. Asking Price R165,000,


Nicholson 30 ou 1/2 Tonner, 28 bateaux construits, based on "SILVER JUBILEE", 9,14 x 3,12 x 1,75m 2 718kg lancé en 1977:

Nicholson 303, 35 bateaux construits, based on Nicholson 1/2 Ton from 1979, and Fast 303 24 bateaux construits, based on Nicholson 303 from 1983

Blue Moon K 5281 Nicholson 303, 1985 Spring Series: ?e/??, 2009 On Irish Cruiser List.
1985 Picture fromFacebook 2020,
K 1608 Nicholson 303 ?, Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;
Girosplit BRA 826 Holland Fast 303 1983;
K 986 Nicholson 303 ?, Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;
POL 8934 Nicholson 303 ?, 2015 Polonez Cup: 15e/21 Open 2 Double, Wieslaw Ksiezopolski;

Mais Rabugento BRA Fast 303 1983, 2023 still racing;
Picture from Facebook 2023,
Mystic ? 7488 Nicholson 303 1979;
Sir Wallace BRA880 Holland Fast 303 1983;

2022 Décembre "Le Bon Coin", Je vends mon voilier Camper-Nicholson 303 Voilier de 30", quillard, année 1978 Dimension : longueur: 9.20m largeur: 3,21m tirant d'eau: 1,70 m poids: 3,7 tonnes Equipement: GV, génois sur enrouleur( bande anti UV neuve), spi symétrique+tangon, annexe 5 places, loch speedo raymarine neuf, étai larguable, moteur inboard Yanmar 15cv diesel (sobre et robuste) (pompe à eau neuve), Antifooling de 2020 (matrice dur), les deux hublots sont neuf, compartiment pour Bib. C'est un voilier anglais très marin, de construction sérieuse et solide, confortable . De la grande lignée des half tonner des années 70. Il possède la carène régate du Nicholson 30 avec un intérieur et des aménagement croisière, un roof réhausser (1,90m sous barrot), La sellerie du lit breton est récente, l'intérieur est à rafraichir, les boiseries sont d'époque et d'origines, équiper d'une glacière électrique, une gazinière sur cardan avec 2 feu et un four. Il dispose de 5 à 6 couchage, reserve d'eau 150l. Le gréement courant est récent. Je le vends car je manque de temps pour naviguer et finir de le restaurer. Visible en sud Morbihan, sur la Vilaine, port de Foleux. Personne pas sérieuse et curieux s'abstenir, merci. Prix négociable sur visite.

2016 Nicholson 303 A Vendre - For Sale en France,


Rush, Jeanneau, 583 exemplaires de 1979 à 1984, plusieurs versions, PTE, GTE, Royale (pour le Tour de France), prototypes:

Extraits du Comparatif de "Voiles et Voilers"


Arcklow River, witch Holland boat? (picture from Internet...)