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QUARTER TON CUP 1975, Deauville,

1975 Avril "Neptune Nautisme"

Kim Klaka, (2017), "This is a photo of the start of one of the races in the 1975 Quarter Ton Cup cut out from the local Deauville newspaper. Our (Kim Klaka) boat 'Hannovian' is second on the right, ahead of the Farr 727 'Genie'. Paul Elvstrom is also in the picture somewhere behind us, We always had a good start, then gradually sailed our way to the back of the fleet! Long story, seasick crew, new crew, damaged mast etc..."

8 August "Yachts and Yachting"

September "Yachting World",

Septembre "Voiles et Voiliers",

Octobre "Neptune Nautisme":

Septembre "Bateaux",

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Photo G. Le Cossec, archives de la revue "Bateaux",