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La Barca Laboratorio, I 9488
à jour au: 2020
1981 Plan Giorgetti & Magrini, built by Tormene shipyard in aluminium

1981 "Bateaux" octobre,

Extraits du livre "En Course" de Thierry Rannou,


28 aout, Whitbread Round-The-Race: dnf - dns - dns - dns = DNF/29, rating IOR: 51,0', Claudio STAMPI
1e étape, Portsmouth-Cap Town: DNF/29, dématage
31 octobre, 2e étape, Cap Town-Auckland: DNS

1982 Picture from the book "En Course" Thierry Rannou

1995? In Copenhagen, on land

2014 DailySail, La Barca Laboratorio - Giorgetti/Magrini 65  From Giovanni Ceccareli: I saw the Barca Laboratorio, only the hull and deck, years ago in Cantiere Orioli in Marina di Ravenna, Ravenna, Italy  .

2015 May, comment from Sailing Anarchy Forum, "La Barca Laboratoria  of WRTWR 1981-82 is in Copenhagen. She has been on land for more than 10 years and has been for sale several times (last time around one year ago)"

2016 Lying in Kolding, Denmark.

2020 October, received from Gorm H Jørgensen, "Spotted in Kolding, Denmark. She is in a very sad condition as you can see. She has been laying in Kolding for 4-5 years without much (any) work done to her, the locals tell me.