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La Barca Laboratorio, I 9488
à jour au: 2020
1981 Plan Giorgetti & Magrini, built by Tormene shipyard in aluminium

1981 "Bateaux" octobre,

Extraits du livre "En Course" de Thierry Rannou,


28 aout, Whitbread Round-The-Race: dnf - dns - dns - dns = DNF/29, rating IOR: 51,0', Claudio STAMPI
1e étape, Portsmouth-Cap Town: DNF/29, dématage
31 octobre, 2e étape, Cap Town-Auckland: DNS

1982 Picture from the book "En Course" Thierry Rannou

2014 DailySail, La Barca Laboratorio - Giorgetti/Magrini 65  From Giovanni Ceccareli: I saw the Barca Laboratorio, only the hull and deck, years ago in Cantiere Orioli in Marina di Ravenna, Ravenna, Italy  .

2016 Lying in Kolding, Denmark.

2020 October, received from Gorm H Jørgensen, "Spotted in Kolding, Denmark. She is in a very sad condition as you can see. She has been laying in Kolding for 4-5 years without much (any) work done to her, the locals tell me.