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Active OPEN categories: monohull Mini 6.50, Class 40', TP52, Imoca 60', multihull Multi 50', Ultims;


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My main source are nautical review, (Bateaux, Neptune Nautisme, Les Cahiers du Yachting, Course au Large, Voiles et Voiliers, and a few Seahorse) and now Internet.

May be some omission or mistake, I am waiting for more and more informations from you...

Lorient, 10 juillet 07.

contact: histoiredeshalfs@orange.fr

Don't worry if you don't receive answer quickly, I am not connected with Internet all the time.

2 quarters at Brest: "Epericolossporgesi" now "ASAP" and "Cartoon", February 2006

"Küpsis" Old Formule 40, chantier du Grand Val, Rance River, February 2007.

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