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Eclipse, US ?????
à jour au: 1988
197? Plan Chance, built by ?.


1978 NAs in Newport Beach: ?e/??

Comment from Facebook 2022 "Her near sister Eclipse had a keel instead of a board, and was not competitive at the NAs in Newport Beach before the Worlds. They were so trounced by Pendragon they didn't even go up for the Worlds after building the boat specifically to do it. Eclipse sat in the Long Beach Marina Shipyard for probably close to 10 years after that, not used and with no one interested in buying her. What a sad waste of money."

Sachem, US 49800
à jour au: 1978
197? Plan Chance, built by Bill Buchan in his garage on Mercer Island. daggerboat


Signature Paul B Sep 9 2009 at boatdesign: "Sachem was the only other daggerboarder at the Worlds in '78 when Pendragon won, so they ended up 1 and 2. She was along the development lines of the '76 One Ton Cup winner Resolute Salmon. While she was nice looking in bright wood, she was something other than a wide sterned boat."

1978 30 August, TROIS QUARTS TON CUP, Victoria, Canada: 2 - 3 - 1 - 2 - 3 = 2e/18, Bill BUCHAN
Picture from Facebook 2021,

Picture from Facebook 2022,