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?, K 4553
à jour au: 2015
1983 plan Humphreys, MGRS34, Longueur: 10.24 m, Largeur: 3.52 m, Tirant eau: 1.91, Tirant air: 12.75

Yellow Bird III, GBR 4553

1986 Plymouth Offshore championships: 1er/??

2006 New Owner, the rigging was changed from running back stays to aft pointed spreaders with single trimmable back stay. New chainplates had to be constructed. Rod rigging has been replaced for Dy-Form.

Her lastest IRC rating was 0.953,

2013 For Sale,

2014 Pictures and information from www.mgrs34.info: "She is a famous racing boat on the Algarve for the last 20 years. She won a countless amount of prizes and she is still very competitive. The current owner had it for the last 8 years and spent a huge amount of money on her."

2015 For Sale, lying in Lagos, Portugal, 17500 euros