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à jour au: 2021
1986 Plan Jeppesen, X 3/4 Ton Mark II


Racer X, USA 42211
Trans Erie Yacht Race: 1er/?? Overall

2006 Cove Island Race: 3e/10 IRC G en 47h08', IRC: 0.990

2015 5 juin, Invitational Mills Trophy Race: DNS, Matt DUBOIS

2016 10 juin, Invitational Mills Trophy Race: DNS

2019 For Sale X 3/4 Ton MkII 1986, with elliptical keel and rudder; excellent sail inventory; full Garmin Nexus Instrument package; custom built triple axle 9 pad trailer is road ready to trailer this boat anywhere in the continental US; boat has been kept in excellent condition , stored indoors in heated warehouse; Price includes trailer - reduction if trailer isn't purchased, Location Michigan, Price $34,500;

2021 For Sale 1986 X Yachts –3/4 Ton Mk II; Asking Price $13,999, Elliptical keel and rudder, tall rig; boat has been completely refurbished and repainted (Awlgrip) – deck, hull and interior; all running rigging has been continuously updated and is in excellent condition; 24 HP Buhk Diesel, runs excellent; full Garmin Nexus Instrument package installed. Bottom is VC 17 in racing condition. 2017 North 3Di 155%; 2015 Doyle Stratis Main; 2015 Doyle 0.5 oz Spinnaker; sails have been lightly used, are in excellent condition and very competitive; multiple sets of additional competitive racing sails included. Excellent race record, including club, regional, and Mackinac races. Multiple time Western Lake Erie Boat of the Year. Custom built triple axle, 9 pad trailer also available for additional cost – call for details on trailer. Trailer is in excellent condition; is road ready, and can deliver the boat anywhere in the country with the right tow vehicle.