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à jour au: 2017
1986 Plan Jeppesen, X102 Mk2

Cas D'Eaux, ??? ????

2002 New owner, Bruno Beckers, and new name:
X-Appeal, BEL 2102
Schelderegatta: ?e/??

2003 Schelderegatta: ?e/??
Antwerp Race
: ?e/??

2004 Schelderegatta: 6e/32
JP Race: 5e/13
Marina Race: 5e/13
Goesse Sas Trophy: 16 - 6 = 10e/32
Jeanneau Race: 4e/14
Antwerp Race: 6e/32

2005 Schelderegatta: 3e/44
Mossel Race: 5e/31
Antwerp Race: DNF, collision
CRC Kampioenschap: 3 - 3 = 3e/10

2006 23 mai,

Light Vessel:

Goesse Sas Trophy: 16 - 5 = 11e/35
Antwerp Race: DNC

2007 Schelderegatta: 3e/35
Mossel Race: 5e/38
Goesse Sas Trophy: 3 - 2 = 2e/15
Antwerp Race: 4e/34

2008 21 juin, Schelderegatta: 1er/18, Bruno BECKERS
GPS Race: 3e/7
Oostende - Ramsgate: 2e/7
CR Kampioenschap: 6e/13
Antwerp Race: 6e/41

2009 Schelderegatta: 2e/19

Goesse Sas Trophy: 8 - 4 = 5e/19
Antwerp Race: DNC
25 juillet,

2010 27 mars,


Goesse Sas Trophy: 3 - 4 = 4e/26
Antwerp Race: 13e/60

2011 Schelderegatta: ?e/??
Antwerp Race: 3e/54
8u Van de Oosterschelde: 9e/33

2012 Schelderegatta: 10e/30
13 oktober, Antwerp Race: 2e/51 CR 3-4, Bruno BECKERS

2018 From http://users.telenet.be/X-APPEAL/index.html: "Originally, the boat had a white hull with blue striping. For some reason or another, the boom was shortened by 20cm. Apparently, to ease gybing because the shorter boom has less chance to hook behind the backstays. Over the years, I upgraded the interior with genuine veneer wood and some fresh layers of varnish. The mast and boom have been sandblasted and painted with a multitude of protective layers and a white high gloss two component finish. New aluminum framed windows were designed and installed, the hull was repainted in blue with white striping, new rudder bearings were installed, the keel has been removed, relaminated and realigned, a bowsprit was installed, electronics and navigation equipment were upgraded, etc..."

13 octobre, 31e Antwerp Race: 5e/15 CR4, 5h50' elapsed time,

All information and pictures are from http://users.telenet.be/X-APPEAL/index.html