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Tearaway, IR 1600
à jour au: 2019
19?? Plan Dubois, GK 34

1980 August, ISORA Abersoch to Howth race: 1er/??, Frank J. HUGHES, Peter O'Reilly & Frank Dillon
ISORA championship: 1er/??
November "Seahorse",

1982 Cork Dry Gin Round Ireland race: 1er/?? Class III

1985 ISORA Championship: 3e/19 A1, Frank J. HUGHES

1988 June, Round Ireland: 34e/50 en 6d05h36', Frank J. HUGHES, Howth YC

Picture from "Howth a century of sailing" by W.M. Nixon

1994 Moneley Oyster Pearl race from Howth to Carlingford: 1er/??, Ken CAIRNS & Brendan COBBE

2015 June, seen in Howth Marina, County Dublin by Vincent: "She currently looks a bit tired"

2021 November, from Facebook "TearAway is in Malahide Boat Yard getting some TLC after being on a farm the last few 5 or 6 years"