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Sweaty Nappy (ou Nappy Sweaty), K 4034
à jour au: 2019
1974 Plan George McGruer, built by McGruer in Scotland


197? "Beautiful built but not fast for Ninian Sanderson"

1975 Earls Court Boatshow: with her rig up and sails set!!
9 July, Trois Quarts Ton Cup, Hanko, Norway: ?e/25, SANDERSON

1978 December, from Facebook 2021,

???? "Peter Burns A doctor from Nards owed her and it was in Ardglass marina as well as Bangor."

???? "She lay in the loch at Ringsend for many years in a very poor state?"

???? Clyde week: ?e/??, picture from Facebook 2021

2014 Juin, vu à Baltimore, Irlande,

2019 In blue responses received after the question of what is this boat seen in Ireland on HdesH Facebook "The current owner rescued her from the scrap heap and restored her to her current condition. there was a discussion about a near sister ship on here about a year ago, all the details escape me now so it might jog someones memory".
"So current owner is Ted O Driscoll Master Craftsman who has timber furniture business in Skibbereen, rescued from O Donovan’s Boatyard and fully restored"