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Suomenlahden Kone, FIN 2220
à jour au: 2006
1981 Plan Holland, built by Framboat,

All pictures and information are from Internet link: Framboat, ”an academic boat yard”, where skills and enthusiasm to boats was more often a bigger element than the economical success.
"The other boat that Framboat built was S/y Suomenlahden Kone designed by Ron Holland. The lofting was made with extreme care to Ton class regulations. The design had numerous details that were most extreme and it was manufactured out of the best available materials at that time. The boat was totally made out of Kevlar fibre and epoxy resin. Core material was balsa. Finair (the national airline company) made an inner hull out of special alumunium where the keel and the schrouds were attached. Mast made out of three tubes, the diameter was exterme thin, only size of an arm. The mast had three spreaders and two running backstays, so it could be tuned to give the main just the right form. The boat sailed by Risto Ryti, Markku Wiikeri, Peter Perovuo and Antero Kairamo. Ron Holland was also present and took part in the sailing contest one day.
Together there where 3 Finish leagues in Helsinki 3/4 ton world championships. So this can be seen as a credit to a small boatyard Framboat, or to be honest to the staff who worked in Framboat. The staff consisted of young enthusiastic sailors. We never where wrong, when saying that we where an academic boatyard, ewerybody had university degree or ongoing studies.

1981 Launching,

Juillet, TQ Ton Cup, Helsinski: ?e/30, Risto Ryti, Markku Wiikeri, Peter Perovuo & Antero Kairamo

Sanna III, FIN 2220

1993 4 juillet, Gotland Runt, 425 NM: 4e/27 IMS 5, corrected time 45h55'

1994 3 juillet, Gotland Runt, 425 NM: 11e/27 IMS 5, corrected time 52h17'

1995 2 juillet, Gotland Runt, 421 NM: 4e/23 IMS 5, corrected time 39h42'

1996 30 juin, Gotland Runt, 398 NM: 8e/10 IMS 5-8, corrected time 39h26'

2006 2 juillet, Gotland Runt, 363 NM: 17e/30 IMS 2, corrected time 45h19'