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Stromper, K 4314
à jour au: 2017
1980 Plan Jones, Hustler 36

1980 Cowes Week: ?e/??
1er septembre,
TQ Ton Cup, La Trinité: ?e/20 (15e, 17e ou 18e!)

Zag Zig, K 4314
1983 ISORA, 6/7 races, 4e/16 A2, C. M. HILL

1984 ISORA, 7/7 races, 5e/26 A2, C. M. HILL

1985 ISORA, 6/7 races, 7e/18 A2, HILL Family

1986 ISORA, 6/7 races, 8e/18 A2, D. GRIFFITH

1987 ISORA, 6/7 races, 9e/25 A2, D. GRIFFITH

1988 June, Round Ireland: 38e/50 en 6d18h38', David Edgar GRIFFITH, Conway YC
, 5/7 races, 8e/19 A2

Zeus, K 4314
Racing in Scotland

2014 For Sale, Hustler 36, GBR 4314, Burneside, Cumbria, United Kingdom, £ 5,000

201? New owner, Dan

2017 May, received all information from Dan "Badly neglected by the previous owners so is currently undergoing a major refit. Is currently called Zeus, back to the name she had when she was racing in Scotland in the 90s."