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à jour au: 2014
1985 plan Humphreys, MGRS34


Street Legal, GBR 507

1985 East Anglian Offshore Racing Assoc.: ?e/?? Class II

1990 New Owners: Guy and Annika

1995 Fastnet Race: ?e/??, Guy and Annika

2014 Informations and Pictures from www.mgrs34.info, "She was raced for 5 years including the 1995 Fastnet Race. For the last 15 years they have been sailing her round the world! but are now back in Europe. She’s laid up in Bodrum, Turkey when last heard, with the aim of cruising the med. They have made a number of successful modifications over the years and I hope we can get further info in the coming weeks / months."

Bora Bora,

South Pacific and the Cook Islands.