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??, K 4423
à jour au: 2014
1984 plan Humphreys, MGRS34


Somersault, GBR 4423

2003 Bell Lawrie Scottish Series: 12 - 17 - 14 - 20 - 17 - 25 - 13 - (dns) = 16e/24 IRC 4, Dennis WILLIAMS

2004 Cork week: 30th/42 IRC6, Dennis WILLIAMS Converted to Masthead rig a few years ago with a 30hp Yanmar under the companionway ladder with saildrive,

"Racing in Cork with previous owner"

2013 "We sailed her round from Cardiff to Southwold in March 2013".
April, new owner,

2014 Based at Southwold, Suffolk and be cruised and raced on the East coast with friends and family

March, "Somersault  – lying Southwold 2014, Currently out of the water, being treated to a new epoxy bottom, rudder bearings, Saildrive overhaul and various other jobs.
Off to Holland in Aug 2014;
Unlike most MGRS34’s Somersault is Masthead rigged with no running backstays. The 30hp Yanmar engine is under the cockpit coupled to a saildrive with the 100lt fuel tank aft of that. Not good for racing but for cruising it makes sense. We sailed her most weekends during the 2013 season and took her over to Holland for a 10 day cruise which with the great weather was superb. 14 hours to sail the 90 miles from Southwold to Breskens and just 12 hours when we came back! We were told that with our draft we’d have issues in the shallow waters but we never had a problem. We are slowly fitting her out with fast cruising in mind and so we’re adding a little comfort here and there.
I’ve carried out some work in the cockpit using Dek-king as it was looking a bit too Blue and tatty. See photos below for before and after photos of the cockpit. Also see Repairs and mods for other work either done or in progress…… Whilst I was working on her a guy walked up who used to sail on her 10 years previously in Welsh waters and he was wearing the crew shirt at the time, talk about coincidence !