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?, K 4459
à jour au: juin 2019
1984 plan Humphreys, MGRS34


Midday Gun, GBR 4459

1997 June, "Yachts and Yachting", For sale

2004 Cowes Week: 6e/?? Classe 6

2006 IRC: 0.963, Cowes Week: 8e/?? Classe 6
Raced extensively in The Humber and East Coast, Based at Grimsby

2010 IRC Handicap of 0.956

2013 For Sale;

2014 March, Midday Gun – recently sold and now sailing out of Burnham – 2014, Still a racer at heart with fractional rig.
"I was the previous owner of Midday Gun for circa 8 years (in syndicate and laterly on my own ) and we thoroughly enjoyed racing her locally and at Cowes and with the right crew on board she was very competitive.
Hard to get 7 or 8 crew consistently and I wasn’t getting enough use out of the boat so had to let her go but happy memories. Considered re-rigging to take the runners out but wasn’t worth the cost relative to the cost of the boat but is always an option to make the boat easier to sail. I look forward to seeing some great results from Burnham ; last I heard she was getting a repaint job to stealth black. I have attached the details of my website which you can link to – http://www.middaygun.weebly.com. I am still sailing and crewing in the Solent on a potential Commodores Cup contender so still in the sport. Best regards
" Phil Nickells – Grimsby and Cleethorpes Yacht Club.

Skulldugery, GBR 4459

2018 11 mai, North Sea Race: 2j01h24' elapsed time, 14e/14 IRC 4, Donald RAWLING

2019 12 juillet, Cowes Dinard St Malo Race: DNS, Donald RAWLING