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Silver Shadow II, K ????
à jour au: 2015
1977 Plan Jones, build in moulded timber by Fox

1978 Cowes Week: ?e/??, STHRUTH

19?? For Sale

???? Sold to Terry Green, and renamed:
GBR 4180

???? Sold to David East, and renamed:
GBR 4180

???? Sold to Gerry Bullard, and renamed:
Grand Panjandrum,
GBR 4180

2014 Sold to Roger Perrin

2015 March, from Internet, noted as "custom SJ 35 cold molded mahogany, formerly "Miranda", "Silver Clould", built foxes of ipswich. she is not an oyster hustler sj 35., but a true one off from an earlier period. Any history on this yacht would be of interest..."
"If you replace "Silver Cloud" by "Silver Shadow" could be the same boat!! I do not think they have few Jones 3/4 Ton built in 1977!"

29th of July, "Boatyard": "The Stephen Jones designed, SJ35, Grand Panjandrum has returned to Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, nearly 40 years after she was built and launched here for the Struth family. Silver Shadow, as she was then called, was built by Fox’s in 1977 and has a cold-moulded hull using 3mm Khaya Veneers, glued with Cascophen Resorcinol glue. She was later renamed Hudd and owned by Terry Green before finding a home with David East who re-named her Miranda. She was raced extensively on the East Coast before being sold to Gerry Bullard who changed her name to Grand Panjandrum, which she is called to this day. A few months ago, Roger Perrin, who has a passion for wooden boats and who previously owned the half-tonner, Santa Evita, which was also built by Fox’s in 1979, purchased Grand Panjandrum and has brought her back to Fox’s where she will undergo some annual maintenance work later this year."

201? New owner and renamed:
GBR 4180

2019 24 July, Ramsgate Week: (9) - 1 - 3 - 1 - 1 = 1er/8 Class 7, James FISHER

2020 July, Picture from Facebook,