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2 boats with the same name, "Raven":


Raven, US 3503
à jour au: 2021
197? Plan Byars, LOA: 9.14m

1974 Three Quarter Ton Cup, Miami: ? - 2 - 5 - 3 - 1 = 2e/10, Joe BYARS

1975 Février "Neptune Nautisme"

Picture From Facebook 2021,

Raven, S 36
à jour au: 2021
1980 Plan Sven-Olof Ridder, Built in carbonfiber/divinycell


1980 From Facebook 2021 "Started life as a half-tonner -80. Broke its mast in the Swedish HTC trials -80"

1981 July, TQ Ton Cup, Helsinski: 2 - 7 - 11 - 7 - dns = 14e/30, A.NORDIN

198? From Facebook 2021 "Modified to a 3/4-tonner. May be a really big half-tonner is hiding inside. Carbonfiber/divinycell"

1986 New mast
Three Quarter Ton Cup
, Torquay: ?e/26, ??
Photo archives revue "Bateaux"

Undated picture from Facebook 2022,

Guleböj, SWE 36

2015 Seen in Swedish list, owner: Mats Ullberg

Raven, SWE 36

From Facebook 2020,

2021 April, For Sale Raven 3/4-ton One Off, 25 000 kr, As you imply there was a half-tonner converted to a 3/4-tonner. But it is hard to know. She is a long half-tonner in such case, or modified. The beam could be half-tonner... Competition boat with an exciting history, ex built by Åke Nordin, founder of Fjällräven. Has also sailed around Gotland. Several sets of sails. Length 10.45 m Width 3.27 m Draft 1.85, Inboard Yanmarine", Raven 3 4-ton One Off designed by Sven-Olof Ridder

September, For Sale Worth taking a look at again: Raven 3/4-tonner designed by Sven-Olof Ridder. Built in carbonfiber/divinycell. Built for TQTC -86
Google tramslate: "Now it's time to sell the boat due to relocation. The boat is Åke Nordin's (founder of Fjällräven) racing construction. The boat is built in carbon fiber / divinycell. It is well taken care of and before this year the bottom was sanded clean, epoxy treated and it was painted with vc17. The boat has a well-functioning diesel Yanmar 8HP inboard with folding propeller that always starts. The sail wardrobe is huge with several mainsails, jibs, genoas and spinnakers. Everything from cruising to race. 2 mainsails, 2 jibs, 2 Genoa, spinnakers; Interior there are 6 bunks, a brand new toilet and kitchenette with stove and oven. Standing height 1.85; The boat is 3.25m wide and depth 1.85m." Sweden