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??, K 4456
à jour au: 2023
198? plan Humphreys, MGRS34


Ramshackle, K 4456

2003 25 July, PASAB, Penzance: 9e/19, Phill O'NEILL

2004 PASAB: 10e/22

2005 PASAB: 6e/18

2006 PASAB: 9e/15

2007 PASAB: ?e/18

2008 PASAB: ?e/18, Phill O'NEILL

2023 November, from Facebook "I came across this one this summer gone; sat in the car park of an abandoned pub on the A30 near Hayle in Cornwall."

"Ramshackle. The tallest rigged 34, they did."
October picture,