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Ragtime, K 4117
à jour au: 2018
1976 Plan Dick Carter, built by Windboats of Wroxham

1976 Owner: Dick Carter
17 aout, TQ Ton Cup, Plymouth: 6 - 21 - dnf - 10 = 19e/30, R.E. CARTER
Octobre "Régate",

"Voiles et Voiliers" aout 2006, photo extraite d'un article sur la Course Cowes-Dinard,

1980's "She was then sold and raced in the Irish Sea during the 1980's"

1991 Tour de l'Ile de Man: ?e/??

1992 March,

2015 July, David Hauge Trophy: 11e/11, Geraint PRITCHARD

2016 16 septembre, "Ragtime" est en vente sur ebay £ 8995, For Sale on E Bay, located Holyhead, United Kingdom ... pictures from E Bay website,

2017 June, Wednesday series: 5e/10, Geraint PRITCHARD

2018 Found On Sailing Anarchy Forum "Carter": "A well-known and respected boat 'Ragtime' was originally designed by Dick Carter and built in 1976 by Windboats of Wroxham. 'Ragtime' was Dick Carter's own boat which he successfully raced and from which a mould was taken to form the Ragtime class which was built by North Shore Marine. She was then sold and raced in the Irish Sea during the 1980's and even featured in a Yachting World cover in 1992."