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Oystercatcher X, K 4321
à jour au: 2019
197? Plan Jones, Oyster SJ35 Hull #1

Ufo III, K 4321

1976 ISORA: 24e/??, N. O'DONNELLE

1982 Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire: DNF

1987 ISORA, 4/7 races: 17e/25 A2, N. KEATING

1988 June, Round Ireland: 20e/50 en 6d06h54', M. KEATING, Howth YC
ISORA, 3/7 races: 14e/19 A2

1989 ISORA, 5/7 races: 9e/24 A2, M. KEATING

???? New owner Ian Stephenson, and new name:
IRL ????

2010 New owner Sean Mac Artion, and new name:
ops! IRL 6666

20?? Racing in Mullaghmore, picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2019,

2012 Sligo Yacht Club: 3e/8 Nora Spi, J. CARTON

2018 Seen at Sligo Yacht Club by Vincent;