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Happy Hooker, K ??
à jour au: 2019
1983 Plan Jones, Oyster SJ35 Hull #??


Boaz, K 4398

Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;


Humber Dragon Lady, K 4398

2014 Oyster SJ35 for sale, 10.54m (34'7"), 1983, 1 x diesel 20hp, Fibre de Verre construction, Quillard underwater profile, 8 berth(s), She is an old IOR machine but still capable of turning in top results, the boat has been kept up to date by the owner and raced hard but much loved. The entire rig has been replaced with a swept back spreader one, getting rid of the runners and checkstays for quick maoevering on a busy start line, located at Grimsby.

2015 New owner Gerrit Shaw

Dragon, K 4398

"Hi I can send update on 3/4 Boaz SJ35 if you wish. She is on your site under 3/4 tonners in 2 places I can find. Now Named: Humber Dragon Lady GBR4398 Also Described in your " I bought her and took her down to Lymington. Same name but we keep to "Dragon". Since we have had her she has not been raced significantly.
I understand she was built has "Happy Hooker" but I can find no evidence of this...

Picture from Facebook 2021,