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Vienna III, ?
à jour au: 2020
1976 Plan Holland, Nicholson 33 #26

1976 Command orderer: Bernd Wollmeiers

Diverses régates sur l'Isselmeer

Moondance, NED 7024

1998 New owner

20?? ???, ???: 2 - 6 - 5 - (7) = 5e/22 Klass A, Bert LINDNER

2016 21 september, Uitslag Nazomeravondcompetitie: DNF/14

2017 13 septembre, Veersemeercup: 8e/17 Groupe 2, Bert LINDNER

2018 9 mai, Uitslag Zomeravondcompetitie: 2e/8 Groupe 2, Bert LINDNER

2019 September, new owner, Aernoudt Bottenamme, Based in the south of the Netherlands (Zeeland province)
December, received from Aernoudt: "My boat is a Ron Holland designed Camper & Nicholson 33 / 3/4 tonner IOR, named MOONDANCE, which I bought in September 2019. It was in not a great shape, so I am currently working her up to be a proper boat again  (she had been neglected for several years)" with these pictures,

27 décembre,

28 décembre,

29 décembre,

30 décembre,

4 janvier, Aernoudt: "After the rebuilding (part 1) has completed by March normally) and the underdeck autopilot has been placed, will commence training on April and the WA cup (wednesday evening races) will commence :)  Looking forward to it. As I sail solo, will replace the spinnaker by an asymmetric on a short pole. this makes gybing etc much easier. (75m2 asym versus 82m2 spi). Have been sailing 5 days between xmas and new-year; was cold yet ood wind and some sun :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYwsBR0illc"
March, "Hi, just wanted to inform you that my Camper & Nicholson is for sale. (3/4 ton). If you would know people that are interested perhaps, would be great if you could inform them about it.
The boat is on Facebook Marketplace
", (https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/503134273928775/)
For Sale Camper & Nicholson 33 (3/4 tonner) met veel upgrades, Doesburg, 11 950 €