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New Infidel, CND ????
à jour au: 1978
1977 Plan Mull built in aluminium in Vancouver area


1978 Spring, launched

Comment and all pictures from Facebook 2021, "I don't know if this will stick but we had a Mull 3/4 tonner built for the worlds in aluminum in North Vancouver. We didn't do well as the owner was in the process of moving his engineering firm to Portland and I didn't know much about full-on race boats; particularly one that was built out of aluminum!  
     It was basically brand new in that picture. The rig had just been put it. Mull did the design based on the 2 world champion 3/4 tonners. The build was done in the winter of '77 and launched in the spring of '78. Like I say: We were still bolting shit onto the boat when we arrived at Vic for the worlds. The build was done at a machine shop, W.A. Thom, connected to the owner's engineering company at the bottom of Fell Ave. North Vancouver. Similar to Jake Woods' Sorcery. A lot of the stuff done was in Jake's shop.
Impulse was out of RVicYC and didn't come to the regatta. A bit odd but?  Charlie Walsh had one in Seattle and went on with his Peterson design 2 tonners.
Do understand Mull was a big tumblehome guy so both of those had that. In our boat, in those days, we didn't have the technology to do it that way in aluminum. In Canada anyway."