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Mezzanine, K 4141
à jour au: 2020
1976 Plan Ron Holland, Gréément 7/8,

Comment from Facebook 2020: ""Mezzanine" and "Machismo" were built from the same plug at Kemps in Southampton using C Flex. Ken Raybold was the C Flex king! Machismo was sailed by Andy Cassel"


1976 Channel Race: 1er/48 Classe IV,
11 juin, De Guingand Bowl Race: 8e/13 Classe IV
Septembre "Bateaux":

17 aout, TQ Ton Cup, Plymouth (UK): 2 - 26 - ? - 4 = 14e/30, HANCOCK & CHAPMAN

Octobre "Régate":

Photo from a Book "Great Yacht Races" by Bob Fisher. It is a picture of from the 3/4 Ton Cup at Plymouth 1976, received in 2020,

1977 Queen's Jubilee: 2e/? Classe IV
Semaine de Cowes:
TQ Ton Cup, La Rochelle (France): 14e/30, HANCOCK & CHAPMAN

1978 Juillet, Tour de Grande Bretagne: 22e/60, Stéphanie MERRY & Kathy CLEGG
Seul équipage féminin à terminé la course, Hauban cassé au large des Iles Shetland, escale à Lerwick. Remportent le Trophée Henry-Lloyd.
"L'année Bateaux 1978-79":

Undated February, "Yacht and Yachting",

1979 Fastnet Race: DNF/58 Classe IV, HANCOCK & CHAPMAN
New owner, Roger Clegg

1980 Channel Race: 1er/48 Classe IV,
Cowes-Dinard: 4e/?? Classe IV, HANCOCK
Fécamp Race, (JOG): ?e/??
Junior Offshore Group (JOG): 2e/?? Classe III/IV, HANCOCK & CHAPMAN
Championnat du RORC: 2e/?? Classe III

1982 British Airways: ?e??
Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020,

1986 West Hyland Week, Scotland: 1er/?? IOR,
Picture from Vincent, (2018),

John Howard’s picture, from Facebook 2020,

Picture from Facebook 2022,

1987 New owner, ??

1991 New owner, Roger Clegg

2000 New owner, Kevin O Neill

2002 Picture from Kevin O Neill (Facebook 2020),

2016 Septembre, received from Paul Dickinson: "Je suis le propriétaire de Mezzanine qui est actuellement l'objet d'une refonte compléte in Ireland"

2019 April, Pictures from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook

2020 May, For Sale 2000 £, Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook

Year Built 1977 for the Round Brittan & Ireland Race, Currently in need of total Refurbishment the fiberglass Hull is intact with no damage; A start has been made stripping the interior. Engine is Yanmar 3GM30 also in need of Refurbishment; Complete with all Deck Equipment, Kemp Mast (Fractional) Kemp Boom; A number of Sails. Also included is the trailer. Be under no illusion this boat; Is a fine example with a racing heritage later converted to cruising. This is not going to be sailed away, this will require extensive work replacing the interior and the external paintwork; This boat has taken me through the most arduous times. My intention was to bring her back to full glory however to much time passed and I just don’t have the energy to take on this project. Be under no illusion this is a project… If she is not sold I’ll be left with no alternative to sell her off as parts… then dispose of the hull.
From Facebook: