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MGRS 34, plan Humphreys construit par le chantier MG Yachts en Ecosse, de 1983 à 1986, environ 15 bateaux construits.

LOA 10.19m, Beam 3.5m, Draft 1.93m, Displacement : 4420 kg,

web site: http://www.mgrs34.info/news.php

From Humphrey website: About fifteen of these boats were built from the mould of Seren Wib, the most successful being Michael Peacock’s Juno which was campaigned with the sort of dedication more normally reserved for the grand prix arena. Then as now it is hard with a production boat to get on level terms with a grand prix one-off, but Mike Peacock certainly came close. In Cowes Week in 1984, for example, Juno returned two firsts, one second and one third.
Among other 34s to prosper were the Biggs family’s Checkmate, scoring second in Class 3 in the 1984 Round the Island Race, first in Celtic Week in 1985, first in class and second overall in the RORC Irish Sea Race in 1988, and in the same year first in Division A2 in the Irish Sea Offshore Association season’s points.
Then we have Chris Bonnar’s Bateleur, winner of the prestigious Tomatin Scottish Series in 1985, and Peter Cyriax’s Smokey Bear, winner of Class 2 in the 1984 Round the Island Race, with another MG34, Aladdin Sane, second in Class 2. Further west, Yellow Bird III won the 1986 Plymouth Offshore championships.

Liste des bateaux:

Aladdin Sane K 4450 MGRS 34 1984;
Aloah IRL 2468 MGRS 34 1985;
Applecore GBR 4425 MGRS34 1984;

Bateleur IRL4414 MGRS 34 1984, renamed "Crystal Light";

Checkmate K 4473 MGRS34 1985, renamed "Silver Dollar", destroyed;
? MGRS34 1985, 1994 Scottish Rover Series: 3e/27 CHS Class 3, G. Furnival, 2011 For Sale in Pembrokeshire, Centrally located 20hp engine, Forepeak fitted out;

Crystal Light IRL 4414 Humphreys MGRS34 Modified with engine further forward 1984, ex "Bateleur";
Picture received from Vincent Delany

Debbie R IRL 2020 MGRS 34 1983, ex "Twenty Twenty";
Design Star GBR 4052 MGRS 34 1986, ex "Schuss", renamed "Rebel";
Dream Maiden ? MGRS 34 ?, 2013 For Sale, seen on MGRS34 website;
Picture from Facebook 2016,

Fever POL 9484 MGRS 34 1985;

Halcyone IRL 3915 MGRS 34 1985;

Juno GBR 4418 MGRS 34 1984;

Midday Gun GBR 4459 MGRS 34 1984, renamed "Skulldugerit";

Ramshackle K 4456 MG RS 34 ?, 2003 25 juillet, PASAB, Penzance: 9e/19, Phill O'Neill, 2004 PASAB: 10e/22, 2005 PASAB: 6e/18, 2006 PASAB: 9e/15, 2007 PASAB: ?e/18, 2008 PASAB: ?e/18, Phill O'Neill;
Rebel GBR 4052 MGRS 34 1986, ex "Schuss", "Design Star";

Sail Troon K 2468 MGRS 34 1985, renammed "Aloha";
Schuss GBR 4052 MGRS 34 1986, renamed "Design Star";
Seren Wib K 489 Humphreys designed 1983;
Shooting Star IR MGRS 34 1983, ex "Seren Wib";
Silver Dollar GBR 4473 Humphreys MGRS34 1985, ex "Checkmate", destroyed;
Skullduggery GBR4459 MGRS34 ?, ex "Midday Gun";
Smokey Bear
? MGRS34 ?, 1984 Round the Island Race: 1er Classe 2, Peter Cyriax;

Somersault GBR 4423 MGRS34 1984;
Street Legal GBR 507 MGRS34 1984;
Storm Trupper K 2468 MGRS 34 1985, renamed "Sail Troon";
IR 3000 MGRS34 1985, 1987 17 may, Racing at Carrickfergus, John Hutchinson Owner, 1988 May "Yachting World" For Sale;
1988 May "Yachting World"

Twenty Twenty IRL 2020 MGRS 34 1983;

Xepha GBR 4566 MGRS 34 1985, 2011 Based Medway, Kent, 2014 Picture and information are from www.mgrs34.info,"Is sailing on the Medway and the East Coast, we race with the Medway fleets most Sundays geting to finish up the order slightly more as the years go by… Just had a Survey suggests she’s in good order, if in need of a little TLC which I suppose is right, she’s untidy below, this winter I’ve been sorting the electrics, nearly finished, rewired the mast lights Tri, Anchor, Steaming and Luff changing to LEDs, and new wire that is not corroded, The head lining is still down in most of the saloon with temporary LEDs and wires providing trails for workability. Got a few jobs to do this summer; will probably take her out of the water for a couple weeks before the Medway Regatta. Fixing happens on Saturday racing on Sunday means there’s not too many tasks can be done during the season but I try. Nearly finished… well nearly, Found as soon as I’d finished up the top of the mast, the Stowe wind has gone terminally wrong so has to be replaced. So now going to get a Raymarine system that will talk to the other parts…" Simon O, 2016 2 juillet, Round Around Island: 9h50', 398e/739 IRSC Overall, Simon O'Loughlin, Medway Cruiser Autumn Series, on the entrants list;

Yellow Bird III GBR 4553 MGRS 34 1983;


1990 October "Seahorse",

198? ??

1983 March "Seahorse",


Most of information and pictures are from web site: http://www.mgrs34.info/news.php

La plupart des informations et photos viennent du site web: http://www.mgrs34.info/news.php