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à jour au: 2021
1985 Plan Johnston, J 34

Junebug, USA

2021 March, For Sale, J Boats J/34, boat Name “Junebug”, $15,000 Clinton, Connecticut, Model Year 1985, Brand J Boats, Length 34’, Beam 11’2”, Engine(s) Volvo Diesel 18 H.P. Auxiliary Engine. This boat had extensive repairs and upgrades done over the past 8 years.  Originally, the keel and mast were removed and the boat went to a fiberglass shop to have any and all balsa core material that was soft, replaced with divincell from the inside as to not effect the hull and top side integrity.   The hull is in great shape and after detailing will shine perfectly.  Two matching boot stripes in whisper grey were painted as well as the top side non skid at this time.  All hardware was removed, winches serviced, and reinstalled to insure no leaking.  The bottom was faired and protected with inter-protect and top coated with allative paint.   Running rigging has all been replaced.  Boat has dacroon main, Kevlar jib and main all have been taken care of by Kappa sails yearly and are in very good condition.  New Edson pedestal mount with new electronics, stereo, vhf, Garmin 5208, sail computer, lights, speakers, etc.  All new cushions inside cabin.  New motor is about 10 years old.  New tecma head and holding tank. The interior is functional but just needs a little clean up but fully intact.  Looking for boat to go to the right home.