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Hagar, US 49696
à jour au: october 2022
1977 Plan Ron Holland, built in the PNW, planked with Western Red Cedar, West System web frame construction.


1978 30 May, TQTC, Vancouver: 1 - 2 - 4 - 12 - 4 = 4e/18, Duncan/Goldberg
"L'Année Bateaux 1978-1979",

2010 July, cruissing at Port Madison and Poulsbo, picture from Facebook 2021,

2019 Novembre, From IOR, RORC & CCA ocean racing classes Facebook: "My buddies in Seattle are looking at getting “ Hagar” the Holland 3/4 ton going again next season Alex Simanis," and pictures,

2021 For Sale: Hagar designed by Ron Holland 1977, 1978 TQTC: 1-2-4-12-4 = 4th / 18, This is a one-off from Finland. It was for sale few years ago. I have seen it couple times. Hull looks amazing, it’s cross-laminated timber covered with epoxy. Very lightweight solution and looks good hence it’s unpainted. Hagar needs a new home! She has been shrink wrapped for about 5 years, needs a few coats of clear, and to be rigged up and enjoyed. Anyone interested can PM me. New engine, lots of sails, and a great boat, Hagar was locally built in the PNW, planked with Western Red Cedar, West System web frame construction.

Nov 2 at Sailing Anarchy: "Stern shot of "The Fabulous Hagar" at Shelter island. Hull in pretty good condition other than some peeled varnish on the topsides. May need a few strips of cedar veneer replaced - but the exposed portions of cedar looked more weathered than rotten to me, but I'm not a wood expert. JR ended up getting her - so she is in good hands. Looks like the rudder was updated sometime in the past."

2022 17 May, from SA: "This would be the renovation of "The Fabulous Hagar" [3/4-tonner designed by Ron Holland] nearing completion. Looking good." Pic by signature Irish River May 17 2022 at SA"


October, For sale Custom red cedar/ epoxy Ron Holland 33.5 ft, 2022 full restoration 8 layers of west 207, 5 coats perfection plus. Beta marine 20 hp engine w/72 hours, Full inventory of excellent race sails, All dyneema running rigging, Bottom redone July 2022