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à jour au: 2020
198? Plan Van de Stadt, Delher DB2, modified

Genger, ? ????

198? New Owner: ??, and new name:
Déja Blue, IR 4480

Europlex Deja Blue, K 4480
Picture from Facebook 2020,

Round Ireland Yacht Race: 5e/50 elapsed time 5d17h35', TCF: 0.9361,
Peter WILSON, Howth YC

ISORA, 7/7 races: 2e/19 A2

Déja Blue, IR 4480

1994 Full refit

1996 January "Yachting World", For Sale,

Round Ireland race: 50e/55 en 6j04h05', coeff: 1.000, Noel FOLEY

2018 September, from Vincent: "Deja Blue was a DB2 with all the IOR lumps and bumps removed . (which did not change her performance much) She was based at Poolbeg for many years. She is now in Malahide looking tired. She had a good racing record in Round Ireland races owned and sailed by Peter Wilson."

2019 November, Malahide, picture from Andrew O Connor,

8 December, picture and comment from Andrew O Connor, "Still sitting on the rocks in Malahide (photo taken today, Sunday lunchtime). I’m surprised she hasn’t broken up yet. Clearly no one loves her anymore."

2020 February, Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook page, Richard W. "this boat has been on a mooring close to bridge for the last three years. no rigging of any sort on her. moorings is probably a private one laid by local boatman....billy hatch. he may be aware of the name of the owner"
"when i became aware of this, i was looking for details of the boat. i came across a photo of her with a broken mast and i seem to recollect that in a Howth yacht club open race a couple of years back, she was a boat that had in fact lost her mast. unfortunately i cannot now locate that photo ! anyway, trying to save her is going to be difficult. she was blown up there during our very high tides a week ago and there were easterly gales. to remove her now would require a crane on the railway line, or else a lifting barge in the water as there is no way she could be floated off. as the owner has neglected the boat for a couple of years, i doubt that he has any interest in having her salved. her design is rather dated harking back to maybe the 70s, but has anyone an idea as to what class she is from?"
"Hurricane ciara and high tides have finally dislodged her! she is now on the Island on her side. i do not know if she will float but she must have some buoyancy so as to drift over to the Island"

10 March, Facebook Richard Williams:  "an update to deja blue after her sojourn on the Island in malahide. she disappeared a week or so again so i think that she has been salved at last. appeared to be sound but missing her rudder"
March, received from David, "Some sad pictures today".