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Countdown, K 900
à jour au: 2018
1982 Plan Humphreys, design #??, near sistership to Rollerskate,


1980's Information and Picture from http://shockwave40.blogspot.it (2012): "Winter Series organised by Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club on the River Wyre. Countdown has a slightly longer waterline than the standard MGRS34 and the interior was more spartan. The cockpit area was also different from the standard production MGRS34's. Countdown was built by David Blatchford and constructed of composite epoxy around a p.v.c. core",

1984 Holyhead-Howth: 15e/21 A2

1985 November "Seahorse",

1988 Cowes Week: ?e/??
Novembre "Seahorse" For Sale,

2008 From Mark Burgess (2019) "Rescued from Medina yard in Cowes restored to as you see and raced east coast, ??

2014 June, "She is now at Marconi sailing club just about to go back in the water after a refurb my mate owns it hopefully it will be a quick boat"

2016 From Mark Burgess (2019) ""Sold to someone from Northern the Ireland and cut up in 2016"
David Seer (2019): "Haven’t a clue I know he put the boat up for sale as soon as it arrived in Northern Ireland for a fair bit more than he paid!"

2018 For Sale, https://www.donedeal.ie/boats-for-sale/humphreys-34-mgrs-34-3-4-tonner-racing-yacht/19602062

2019 From Facebook: "Sacrilege! any ideas why she was scrapped?"