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Clockwork-Rocketship, CN ????
à jour au: 2021
1978 plan Mull,


1978 30 May, Three Quarters Ton Cup, Victoria, Canada: 9e/18

Picture from Facebook 2021,

2021 For sale Nice lookin racing sailboat, about 36', comes with 4 sets of sails has gimble propane stove, sellin for guy so know nothing except it runs good and needs interior work, it floats so u just need to tow it with boat or trailer or i can tow it, may rent space and u or i will fix, posible $300 a month to moor it and i can maybe fix it as i know how to fix boats, and only cost $50 per hour for boat repair, veiwing by appointment only.may have stuff to repair it.the history of boat, it's a 33' mull 3/4 Tonner designed for the world championships in Victoria b.c. a tsawwassen gentleman raced and cruised her thru the 80's out of Tsawwassen yacht club and Point Roberts yacht club. They won and come in 2nd in some world championships, the boat was fast in it's day. It raced up to 50 races per year. Needs cleaning I might get time to do it, $3,600