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Ariadne US 21004 Carter 3/4 Ton ?;
Arrow Shooting F Carter 3/4 ton 1977, ex "Barelrol";
Artaban F Carter ?, 1983 Challenge UNCL: 310e/558 HN, Letortu, 1984 Cowes-Dinard: 32e/?? Classe IV, R. Letortu, 1988 Branle Bas Saint Malo: 2e/?? CHS, R. Letortu;

Banzai I 6970 Carter 3/4 ?, 2008 Barcolana: ?e/???, Francesco Perazzi;
Barelrol F Carter 3/4 ton 1977, ex "Vedi";
Bételgeuse ESP 7532 Carter 3/4 1978, 2010 17 avril, IV Trofeo Harley Davidson: ?e/25, Armada Espanola Cadiz, 2012 Vu sur listes de bateaux espagnols;
G 2829 Carter 1979, 1988 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: 6e/12 IOR 4, H. Mausch, 1989 Sjaelland Rundt, 236': 9e/15 IOR 3 à 5, IOR: 23.87';
Blue Moves KA SM 178 Carter ?, 1979 Sydney Hobart: 22e/147 elapsed time 4d12h20', TCF 7316, B. Moore, 1981 Sydney Hobart: 27e/157 elapsed time 5d13h42', TCF 7307, B. Moore, 1983 Sydney Hobart: 91e/173 elapsed time 4d12h04', TCF 7272, D. Long;
1981 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
1983 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Breakaway Of Birdham
K 4163 Carter Concubine 3/4 ton 1978 LOA : 32ft 9inch, LWL : 25ft 10inch, Beam : 11ft 1 1/2inch, Draft : 6ft, Displacement : 4685kg, Ballast : 2133kg, Built by North Shore Yacht Yards Ltd, 1979-1980 Raced in the Solent, 2015 Info and picture from Ian Watson;

Bubba ? Carter 33 19??, Picture and comment from Facebook 2023;

Dauntless IRL 754 Carter Concubine ?, 2017 Owner:  Mark Mulrooney, Tralee Bay Sailing Club, 4 aout, renouvellement du certificat IRC; 

Espalier Malte Carter de série ?, renamed "Reflection of Arne";

Eva H 2337 Carter 3/4 Ton 1977;

Frivarv S Carter Concubine 33 197?, ???? Melvin Svensson and Emil Warme, who were shipwrecked on Easter Island (called Rapa Nui by locals) this past August after their Carter Concubine 33 Frivarv was driven ashore at Ahu Tongariki (see photo up top). I was shipwrecked once in my younger days, but that was in Spain, a very civilized, well populated place. These guys lost their boat literally in the middle of nowhere. Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands on the planet. The nearest inhabited land, Pitcairn Island, with a population of just 50, is almost 1,300 miles away, and the nearest continent, South America, is about 2,220 miles away. As far as I can tell, Melvin and Emil are still on the island, plotting their next move. (Or at least, according to this Facebook page, they were there as of October.) They’ve been well received by the local population of 6,000 souls, though a big part of their problem immediately after their boat was wrecked was that many items of value were stolen. Ironically, too, it seems the hospitality of the locals may have been their downfall, as they evidently were staying ashore with newfound friends when Frivarv hit the bricks. From what I understand, Easter Island is not a good place to leave your boat unattended for very long.
You can see Tongariki up in the northeast corner of the island. There are nothing but open roadsteads here, with no real secure anchorages; Melvin and Emil first arrived on the island on July 27, after a three-week passage from the Galapagos, and were shipwrecked just 12 days later. In all the boat, which seems to belong to Melvin, had spent 11 months coming from Sweden. She had as many as eight crew aboard during the seven weeks she was in the Caribbean last winter, but after that it was just Melvin and Emil;

Get Carter GBR 4127R Carter ?;
Ghost KA 2092 Carter 1976;
Gotcha US Carter 1975;

Heatwave GBR 4155 Carter Ragtime ?, 1978 1 July, Dun Laoghaire-Holyhead Race: 2e/11 Class IV, IOR: 24.1, G. Hickton, 1981 Dun Laoire-Port St Mary: dnf, 1982 Pwllheli-Howth: 7e/12 A2, 1984 James Eadie: 9e/11 A2;
from Internet..

Kaiten III I 7770 Carter 3/4 Ton ?, 2008 Barcolana: ?e/???, Giovanni Zalukar, 2010 Barcolana: ?e/185 Classe 3, 9 octobre, Barcolana, Triestre: DNF/1660, Alessandro Zulakar;
Kong-Kurs D 2100 Carter ?, 1985 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: DNS/42 IOR 4, N.E. Holmstrom, 1986 Sjaelland Rundt: 19e/43;

Le Petit Prince F 6525 Carter 32;
Lolita F Carter 32 ?;
Love and Fight N 1004 Carter 32, 1980 1980 Færderseilasen: DNF/25 IOR 4, J. Grevstad, TQ Ton Cup, La Trinité: 20e/20, 1981 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: 22e/37 IOR 4, 1982 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark: 17e/49 IOR 4;

Magna Carter GBR4127R Carter 3/4 Ton ?, ex "Get Carter";
Makimos 7288 Carter ?, 2018 14 octobre, Barcolana, Triestre: 987e/1644 classés (et 2696 Inscrits) Stefano Belletti;

Off Course NED 4465C Carter 3/4 Ton 1977, 2004 and 2016 Seen on Racing Boats List, P.T. Hoog;
Old Rush
US 15532 Carter 3/4 Ton ?, 1998 Cove Island race: 9e/13 PHRF N en 47h36', Thomas Vigrass;

Peppermint K 4153 Carter ?;
Peticache K 4033 Carter 32 ?;
Prairie Oyster
E Carter 3/4 Tonner 1979, 1979 Fastnet Race: DNF/58 Classe IV, CFR Purchase, 2016 A Vendre - For Sale, 21 000 Euros, visible Guipúzcoa (Espagne), photos de l'annonce, 2017 A Vendre - For Sale, 18 000 Euros;

Ragtag K 4145 Carter Ragtime ?;
Ragtime K 4117 Carter 1976;
Reflection of Arne K Carter 197?, ex "Espalier";
Résidence Mobile Louisiane F 1403 Carter 3/4 Ton ?, renammed "Samoth";
Rhinestor C
... F Carter ?, 2018 Septembre, vu au mouillage à Lezardrieux;

Rudolph 1
F Carter 3/4 Ton ?, 1993 Navigue à Saint Malo;

Samoth F 1403 Carter 3/4 Ton ?, "Résidence Mobile Louisiane";
Syncopation K 4548 Carter 35 1979 built by Windboats;

Tiger Lily ? Carter Concubine ?, 2012 Seen on Video;

Time and Tide
? Carter 3/4 Ton 1975, 2014 The Puget Sound Sailing;
Try Harder ? Carter Concubine 33 197?, ex "??", Comment and picture from Facebook 2023 "Just arrived at Wemeldinger from Maldon. My son did the refinishing of the hull. Former name Tryadoo or something. Took part in the round Britain race. Now named Try Harder. 2016 pic";

Vedi H 2337 Carter 3/4 Ton 1977;

Xtreme ? Carter 3/4 Ton 1979;

?? US 21772 Carter ?, picture from Internet...

Production Boat: Carter 3/4 Ton ou Carter 32 ou Carter "Concubine" (PDF File), plan Dick Carter, Constructeur : TSP marine LTD – UK, 12 bateaux construits entre 1975 et 1977, photos;
1975 Janvieer "Les Cahiers du Yachting", extrait d'une publicité Carter Offshore
1975 Mars "Bateaux"
1977 Mai "Bateaux"


1977 Janvier "Régates",