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C & C:

C and C: "Bally", "Merry Ann", "Gaviota", production Boat: C&C 3/4 Tonner;


Liste des Bateaux:

Air Wolf US C&C 3/4 Ton 1974;

Bally Belgique C and C 197?, 1975 TQTC, 9 juillet, Hanko (Norvége): dnf-1-2-7-dns = 8e/25, A Nelis, dématage, 1977 Fastnet: 2e/68 Classe IV, rating: 23.9, Bruninx & Desimpelaere;

Doubletime ? C&C 3/4 Ton 1974;
Picture from SailboatData.com,

Gaviota G 2317 C&C ?;

Magnum ? C&C 34' Ton 1974;
Picture from SailboatData.com,

Merry Ann US C&C 33 ?, 1974 TQTC, Miami: 5e/10;

Silver Fox CND C&C 3/4 Custom 197?, 1970's Sailing on Ontario Lake, 1998 mooring in Marblehead Mass.; .


1974 C&C 3/4 Ton Club Racer, comment & picture from Facebook 2022 "This 3/4 was a race version of the standard C&C 33, introduced the same year, 1974, the year after GANBARE burst on the scene. In 1975 Peterson's Chaser 33 and Holland's Nicholson 3/4 ton appeared and the C&Cs were not competitive.",

Production Boat, all of these were designed by Rob Ball and produced at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada:

C&C 33',
C&C 34'
, first produced in 1975
C&C Custom 3/4 Tonner
, 15 builts 1974;

The Custom 3/4 ton was based on the hull of the C&C 33' with a custom 'racing' deck and interior. The cockpit is deep and there are no coamings. Made grinding very easy. The bridgedeck continues across the boat at deck level, and the hatch is thus very short in height. Of real racing interest, the boat had 2 foredeck hatches, so the spin pole could remain rigged. The foreward section of the cabin top was a trench reaching back to the mast. These details can be seen in the line drawings at the bottom of the page, but are easy to overlook.