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??, F 7554
à jour au: 2020
1977 Plan German Frers, Cirrus


???? new owner, ?
Brugues, F 7554

???? A Vendre - For Sale,

20?? New owner, ? (Dutch owner bought her in South of France and sailed her to NL (Lelystad was her home harbor then))
Brugues, NED

Picture received from Aernoudt (2020),

2003 New owner, ? (sailed form Hellevoetsluis the Netherlands),
Lovefool, NED

2008 May, Pictures received from Aernoudt (2020),

Pictures received from Aernoudt (2020),

2018 New owner, ? (sailed form Hellevoetsluis the Netherlands),
Pollux, NED

Pictures received from Aernoudt (2020),

2020 December, new owner, Aernoudt Bottemanne (sailed form the Netherlands),

2020 New boat name and sail number,
Early Morning Sunrise, NED 7554