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Blue Moon, I ????
à jour au: 2023
1983 Plan Kaufman, built by Piro Onoranti and the San Vitale shipyard in Ravenna

1983 3/4 Ton Cup World Championship, Trieste: ?e/30

Blue Moon was a major design by Scott Kaufman, built by Piro Onoranti and the San Vitale shipyard in Ravenna, for the 1983 IOR 3/4 Ton Cup World Championship in Trieste. At the top of the technology of the time. A milestone of the latest classic IOR design, a masterpiece of technique and construction craftsmanship. It is a unique specimen that deserves special attention, reserved for an elite of amateurs or collectors.
The construction is light, yet extremely rigid and strong: epoxi-glued mahogany with Kevlar and carbon reinforcements, for a boat with high weight stability, with 50% fin ballast (lead). Highly sailed and with an easy sail plan, she is rigged at the masthead with non-structural flyers (check stay). The mast is a Stearn with three very thin spreaders, rod rigging, Stearn hydraulics on BackStay, BabyStay and Vang.
He has been racing mainly in the Upper Adriatic for ca. 15 years, with excellent results. In those years there were two 3/4s to beat-Blue Moon and Serbidiola-who always alternated on the podium.

199? "After the advent of the IMS, Blue Moon was used for cruises in the Mediterranean, Dalmatia, Greece, Turkey, limiting competitive activity to classic events only"

2008 New owner, "one of the “Historical” crew members (yours truly) and its history started again"

2009-2012 "Heavy conservative renovation project, involving LGX engineering resources, to bring it back to like-new condition. It was to preserve it for the future, taking advantage of newer site technologies and materials. The work involved hull, deck, interior, exterior, systems and accessories, with replacement of all obsolete and/or worn out rigging and system (electrical and plumbing) components"

2023 12 March, "Blue Moon: Classic Boat of a Lifetime and 3/4 Tonner of yesteryear", "the boat was then continuously maintained and updated.In particular, the engine, transmission and propeller, deck equipment, services and facilities, rigging, sails, halyards, sheets, and other materials subject to wear and tear were replaced."

December, from Internet, For Sale Three Quarter Ton, Lunghezza (m)10.30, Anno costruzione1983