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Ashanti, I ????
à jour au: 2020
1979 Plan Vallicelli construit en bois moulé par le chantier De Cesari, LHT 11,30m, Bau max: 3,32m


198? Italian TQT Championship: 2e/??

2020 June 'ASHANTI' for Sale in Italy - Fast wooden 3/4 Ton Vallicelli IOR racer. She is a mahogany strip planked 3/4 built by well known Italian wood ship builder DeCesari. She took second place at the Italian championship beginning of the eighties. For technical details I suggest you contact De Cesari boatyard or Vallicelli (or you can ask to Alessandro Nazareth, who in those years was working in Via Vittoria, Rome); She was one of the fastest upwind racer (a small BRAVA Minneford)! (former owner Guglielmo Crotti ); year 1979; builder De Cesari; loa 11,30 m beam 3,32 m. displ. 9,55 t. engine Volvo Penta 20 hp mod MD 2030 B

June comment from Facebook: "if anyone’s interested, there’s for sale a great masthead mahogany strip planked 3/4 built by DeCesari, Vallicelli design. She was an hystoric competitor of mine and took the second place at italian champioship at the beginning of the eighties. It seems still per original plan and in good shape. I found it on the web and I think ignoring it would be a shame. Here a picture from my old archive:"