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Storm Trupper, K 2468
à jour au: july 2018
1985 plan Humphreys, MGRS34


Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps

1989 Scottish Series: ?e/??
Picture from Historic Scottish Series Images,

1991 From David Dunlop, (december 2019): "Aloah did race on the Clyde under the name Stormtrooper, can't remember the owner. The boat was lying for sale at Troon Yacht Sales and then loaned to Iain Hunter and his wife to be Sally Creaser. Sally was a member of Tracy Edward’s crew on the yacht “Maiden” which competed in the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race. The boat became Sail Troon and Sally and Ian competed her in several events including the Azores and back two handed in which they finished 2nd."
Sail Troon, K 2468C
"Attached is a picture of Sail Troon competing at the Troon Cruising Club Frostbite Series along with a First Class 8 (Highwayman)."

(Azores and Back Race, around 2 500 NM): 2e/? Classe B2 elapsed time 16d15h12', Ian HUNTER & Sally CREASEY

Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2020,

Aloah, IRL 2468

2000 New Owner, Conor NOLAN

2002 Howth Autumn League: 18th./34, C. NOLAN

2004 Pictures from www.mgrs34.info,

2007 Picture from www.mgrs34.info,

"Aloha once raced on the Clyde and also in Poole Harbour, using sail number K2468. Pete Wetherington ( not sure if that was his name after all this time) sold her to me from Poole Harbour in 2000. We raced her out of Howth for nearly 10 years, until kids and work kept too many of the crew away. We notched up numerous race wins at events such as ICRA National Championships, Sovereigns Cup Kinsale and local landmark events like the Howth Lambay Race. We didn’t make any material changes to her apart from replacing the full rig after a mishap on the hard at Howth in 2005 (boat yard snagged mast during ground manoeuvres before we arrived on launch day!). We dressed her in a full set of UK-McWilliams Tape Drives, and these really lifted her to the top of the national fleet. Our ambition had always been to take part in the Round Ireland, but sadly it never came to pass. We enjoyed many years of terrific racing and local cruising on Aloha and would certainly recommend the MGRS34 to anyone looking for big boat racing on a budget!" Conor Nolan

2013 For Sale, located East coast, Ireland, 19 000 Euros, Popular 3/4 tonner design with proven racing pedigree and ready to race and win again. Very good inventory to include UK Tape Drive sails, new mast and standing reigging 2005, interior refurbishment in 2007, Yanmar 15hp. Stored ashore all winter and ready to relaunch immediately,

2014 Now based in South Wales

July, Update from Jonathan, "Have spent all winter getting Aloha ready. We have done a lot of work on her deck. Had some sponginess in places this has been sorted. At some point I will post pictures. Cost loads…. Ah well only money. She now has a new deck colour – grey, decided to stay white sail for a while. Have to take on some pesky impalas. White sail turn us into bandits. We can just about outstrip them with just a genoa. They hate it, been a bit of muttering but hay…. The old mgre34 rules. Well soon in West Wales. Conor if you read this we intend to have a trip to Malahide and Howth. Great places. Might look at doing one of the races of Howth for old times sake…. But only when we can nearly emulate your success", Information from www.mgrs34.info

2018 28 July, NYC Cruiser week: 2 - 1 - 2 - dns = 2e/2 Division 1, John NUTTING