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Quard, G 118
à jour au: 2015
1973 Plan KREMER, WAARSHIP 1/4 tonner built by Waarschip Boatyard in the Netherlands


1973 QUARTER TON CUP, Weymouth: ??e/??, ??

???? New owner and name
Tess, G 118

New owner and name
The Lucky Strike, G 118

2014 Pictures from Dutch QT Facebook:

2015 Aout, information and pictures from Dutch QT Class facebook: "This is the Waarschip 1/4 ton 'The Lucky Strike', ex 'Tess', ex 'Quart'. 'Quart' was the original name I think. Or better to say, it was the last name a former could read when I sanded the boat for painting... She is one of the two Waarschip prototype 1/4 tonners built in 1972/'73 by designer K.T. Kremer and the Waarschip Boatyard in the Netherlands for two German owners. Both boats sailed at Weymouth 1973. The other one was 'Waart' that also sailed the 1975 QT Worlds. The hull is the standard shell of the production Waarschip 725, but all plywood one size down (8mm in the upper planks, 10mm in the bottom). Everything else was heavily modified. Data: LOA 7,25m BOA, 2,5m, Draft, 1,55m, Wheight 1100kg, G1 ~20m², Main ~9m², Spi ~ 45m²."