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Plans Van De Stadt à la Quarter Ton Cup:

QTC 67: 1er Blauwvoet.

QTC 68: 2e Blauwvoet, 3e Dar Baroud.

QTC 69: 5e Pandoer, 7e Blauwvoet, 9e Dar Baroud, 10e Early Bird.

QTC 73: 3e Timschal.

QTC 74: 3e Timschal, 16e Tracer II,

QTC 75: 7e Timschal, 40e Experimenta,

QTC 76: 12e Timschal.

QTC 77: 6e Oceaan 4,

QTC 78: 26e Yellow Marie.

QTC 79: ?e Wahnsinn


Liste des bateaux - Boats List:

Big Foot KA H333 1983, lenght: 7.20m, 2017 Seen on Australian Racing Boat list, owner: Tony Dawson;
NL ? ou B 270, Spirit, 1967 QTC: 1er, 1968: QTC: 2e/12, 1969 QTC: 7e/19;
Picture from 'Yachting World Annual 1970",
Dar Baroud
B 444, Spirit, 1968 QTC: 3e/12, 1969 QTC: 9e/19, 1970 QTC: ?e
1968 Octobre "Les Cahiers du Yachting"
Early Bird
B 474 Spirit ?, 1969 QTC: 10e/19
GBR 1420R, Spirit 24, 2008 Cowes Week: 4e/15 quarter, QTC 09 11e/27, Mark Lees, 2010 Round the Island Race: 3/44 IRC3C, 2013 Round the Island Race: 11/31 IRC3D, 2017 19 mai, Vice Admiral's Cup: 15 - ... = 14e/14 Handicap: 0,911, Mark Lees;
Morgane II FRA 18817 Spirit 24 GTE 1968;
H 1416 Pandora ?, 1969 QTC: 5e/19
1969 Novembre "Bateaux"
Timschal G 1699 1973;
Wave Dancer KH 1615, Delher DB2 1985, navigue en 2007.
Yellow Marie H 2322 ?, 1978 QTC: 26e/34, C. W. Van Tongeren, 2014 From Dutch QT Facebook: "ply-wood one-off 1/4 tonner 'Yellow Marie', designed by Katsunori Ohashi (Van der Stadt partner in Tokyo) and built in Japan. This boat participated under Dutch flag at the QTC in 1978 in Japan. The crew consisted of Cees van Tongeren, Willy Peters, Katsunori Ohashi and another Japanese sailor. They did not finish the series, because of the circumstances they found irresponsible. Winds up to force 10, many broken masts and a 1/4 tonner even sunk."

Photos de plans Van de Stadt


Spirit, essai

2015 Octobre, "Le Bon Coin", A Vendre, SPIRIT 24 7.20m 2.30m tirant d'eau 1.50m 1968, quarter tonner sur plan VAN DEN STADT, voilier fin et performant, 2 GV, 1 en TBE et l'autre en bon état, 1 génois léger, 1 génois médium arrisable, 1 TMT et 1 spi le tout en bon état. moteur HONDA 5 cv 4 temps - de 100 heures avec production électrique, réfection complète de la coque et du pont pringtemps 2015, préventif anti osmose époxy, bateau de caractère rare idéal semaine du golfe, 2 500 Euros, visible région de Lorient, France, photos de l'annonce,


Oceaan 25, 197?, Longueur hors tout 07:55 m; Longueur à la flottaison 6,35 m; Largeur 2,81 m; Tirant d'Eau 1.0/1.35 m; Poids ± 1800 kg

Bluesette ?, ex "Jan Plezier", 2017 From Dutch QT Facebook: "She is moored on Lake Alkmaardermeer. Hope to see her at the 2018 DQTC!";
Jan Plezier
?, 2017 From Dutch QT Facebook: "She is a proto Oceaan 25 1/4 tonner built for mister Franz Teutenberg. She is now called 'Bluesette'";
Picture from Dutch QT Facebook 2017,
Oceaan 3
H ? Van de Stadt Oceaan 25, 2017 Information and Pictures from Dutch QT Class Facebook: "Oceaan 3 and Oceaan 4 before the delivery to their owners. They were both built for the 1977 Quarter Ton Cup in Helsinki Finland. Only 4 went and finished 6th with skipper and designer Cees van Tongeren";

Ocean 4
H 2501 Van de Stadt Oceaan 25, QTC 77: 6e/53, picture from Cees van Tongeren

"As she is today", from Dutch QT Class Facebook 2017,
Suntiki H 2409 Oceaan 25 ?;
Timschall G 950 1976 Oceaan 25 prototype, renamed "Wahnsinn";
Tracer II
JPN 1314 Oceaan 25 ? built at Chita Inc. in Japan, 1974 QTC Malmö: 16e/47, "Mister Niwa sailed the 1974 Quarter Ton Cup in Malmö (Sweden) with designer Katsunori Ohashi (Van de Stadt Design Japan) on board";
2017 From Dutch QT Class Facebook
Wahnsinn G 950 Oceaan 25 prototype, ex "Timschall";


Dehler Sprinta Sport, 1976, the first IOR One Design class in 1978 and is still a successful One Design class in Germany. More than 400 were built by DEHLER YACHTBAU.

23 Mei Pine NED?, 2013  has planned to participate to Dutch QTC: DNS;
H 1988 Delanta racing version ?, 1974 Kieler Woche: DNF/?? dismasted, 2015 From Dutch QT Facebook: "Van de Stadt designers Paul Pasman and Hans Korner won a lot of regattas in the Netherlands with sistership 'Babbe' (H-1988), also a Delanta racing version. 'Babbe' is on the hard in Friesland at the moment. Hope to see her at the DQTC 2016!", 2017 From Dutch QT Facebook: "The two Dehler Delanta proto 1/4 ton boats 'Babbe' and 'Timschal' in a marina. 'Babbe' sailed a lot of regattas in the Netherlands. 'Timschal' sailed the 1973 (3rd), 1974 (3rd) and 1975 (7th) Quarter Ton Cup with German skipper and yacht designer Georg Nissen, 'Babbe' is still in the Netherlands", 2020 February From Dutch QT Facebook: "She is on the hard in Friesland at the moment. Hope to see her at the 2020 DQTC!";

NED 5818, 2013  has planned to participate to Dutch QTC: DNS, Picture from Dutch QT Facebook:

G 1919 Delher Delanta 1975, 1975 QTC: 40e/43, sailed by builder Dehler himself. The boat had two daggerboards, but was not fast... After the Cup the boat got a keel and was sold to the Netherlands where she still is (Info Dutch QT Facebook), 2015 moored on Lake Ijsselmeer;

NED 7756, 2022 24 Juin, Deltaweekend: 1er/3 ORC, Ben Hoefsloot, Septembre, Pampus Regatta, Lake Ijmeer: 13-2-10-1 = 7e16 ORC 3 & 4;
Go Gone
FRA 8305, 2003 renouvellement du certificat HN;
Impuls NED 2684, 2013 Dutch Quarter Ton Cup: 2e/25; www.sprinta-sport.nl, 2015 Delta week: 2e/5Q, Cock Baas, Picture from Dutch QT Facebook, 2018 14 septembre, Zuiderzee Regatta: 3e/8 QT, C. Baas;

Mei Pine NED ?, 2013  has planned to participate to Dutch QTC: DNS;
NED ?, 2013 Dutch Quarter Ton Cup: 16e/25;


Zeeton 24, 7,6 x 2,8 x 1,4 meter,

Ange Bleu NED Zeeton 24 ?;
Bellina I ???? 1978 buit at Cantieri Navale Pino D’Este in Fiumicino near Rome (Italy);
NED Zeeton 24 ?, 2014 Located in Drachten, Picture from Dutch QT Facebook:

Ipsofact NED 8820 Zeeton 24 ?, 2016 owner: Philippe Jégou;
Isotta I 8576 1978 buit at Cantieri Navale Pino D’Este in Fiumicino near Rome (Italy);
Larissa NED 2420 Zeeton 24 ?
NED 1111 Zeeton 24 ?, 2014 13 septembre, Pampus Regatta, Dugerdam: 7 - 7 - (9) - 7 - 7 = 8e/12 Quarters, Karim Kat;
NED 20 Zeeton 24 ?, 2014 13 septembre, Pampus Regatta, Dugerdam: (10) - 9 - 7 - 9 - 9 = 9e/12 Quarters, Jan Leerling;
H Zeeton 24 1980, 2014 Located in Wolphaartsdijk, For sale 8500 Euros, Picture from Dutch QT Facebook:

H Zeeton 24 ?, 2014 Located in Monnickendam, Picture from Dutch QT Facebook:

Swing NED 8669 Zeeton 24 ?;
H 2516 Zeeton 24, 2015 March, from Dutch QT Facebook: "Dutch Zeeton 24 1/4 tonner 'Treffer' having fun in the eighties. Jan Oosterwijk built her himself, and did win some regattas".

H 2721 Zeeton 24 ?, 1985 "Henk Zandee won the first single-handed race organised by WSV Noord-Beveland. Zandee sailed many regattas with her. The boat was moored in Colijnsplaat for years but is demolished unfortunately... Some sister ships are still sailing and are very fast!" Comment and picture from Dutch QT Class Facebook 2019;

H Zeeton 24 ?, 2014 Located in Naarden;
H Zeeton 24 ?, 2014 Located in Colijnsplaat;


Luna 24, 7,3 x 2,5 x 1,3 meter, Builder: Luna Yachts Ltd. (Canada),

Lunatech ...

Moonraker ...

Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder Rig Type: Fractional Sloop
LOA: 23.92' / 7.29m LWL: 18.54' / 5.65m
Beam: 8.20' / 2.50m Listed SA: 266 ft2 / 24.71 m2
Draft (max.) 4.30' / 1.31m Draft (min.)
Displacement: 2090 lbs./ 948 kgs. Ballast: 970 lbs. / 440 kgs.
Sail Area/Disp.1: 26.10 Bal./Disp.: 46.41% Disp./Len.: 146.41
Designer: E. Van De Stadt, Builder: Luna Yachts Ltd. (CAN)
Construction: FG Bal. First Built: 1981