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Plans Doug PETERSON,

Et la série des Conrad 25 ou 760 dont Tom Bombardil,

Plans Doug Peterson à la Quarter Ton Cup:

QTC 75: ?e Hobnail, ?e Shark.

QTC 76: 4e Star Eyed Stella, 16e Rio de Sur.

QTC 78: 1er Magician, (Est-ce un plan Peterson?), 10e Black Arrow III, 14e Paradice, 15e St Goliah,

QTC 79: ?e Czarny Kon,

QTC 84: ?e Klif,

QTC 89: ?e Algol, ?e Tom Bombardil,


Liste des bateaux,

Algol BUL 707 Conrad 25R, 1989 QTC Falmouth: ?e/24;
Black Arrow III
KZ 2211 design #72 ?, Lightweight (2800#), daggerboarder, fractional rig, wide stern, 1978 QTC, Japon: 10e/32 L.A. Bouzaid;

Picture from Peterson Design Facebook 2018, could be this Quarter!
Blitz US 57489 1977, 1977 North America Championship: 2e/??, Dave Ullman;
I 7766 ?, 2016 Pictures from Dutch QT Facebook,

Czarny Kon III
PL 957 Peterson 1979, 1979 QTC: 49-48-25-41-32= ?e/56;
Dusty Mauch
CAN 19967 Peterson 25 1973, 2017 From Dutch QT Facebook: "Edward Karadontis (of Quantum Sails Vancouver) used to race her out of West Vancouver Yacht Club! She now belongs to Paul Arcoite";
Information and Picture from Dutch QT Facebook 2017,
El Principio US 47171 Peterson design #12 ?; 
Flying Circus US Peterson 25 ?, 2017 She has done a lot of PHRF racing in SoCal (USA), but has been on the trailer for sale now for many years;
Information and Picture from Dutch QT Facebook 2017,
Kinkabou G Peterson 1978;
PZ 1455 Peterson 1983;
Magician V
, Japon 1er QTC 78, rééllement un Peterson??
USA 18898 Peterson ?, 1997, Three Bridge Fiasco, San Francisco: DNS/31 Class 4;
Oliver US Peterson ?, 2017 From Dutch QT Class Facebook: "Bob De Moss: This is "Oliver" still owned by the son of original owner, it is hull CTE25001275.......mine is hull CTE25001175 so they were built about month a part CTE/Plastrend Peterson 25...";
Picture from Dutch QT Class Facebook 2017
Paradice J 2297 Peterson 26 ?, 1978 QTC Japan: sank = ?e/34, Ryozo Tanaka;
Pumpkin Eater
US Peterson 197?, 1975 Quarter Ton NAs: ?e/??, fastest boat, Peterson’s Pumpkin Eater, was 1st until losing a protest;
US Peterson 197?, 1975 Quarter Ton NAs: 2e/??,1978 Pacific International Ton Championship (PITCH): 1er/?? QT;
US 20190 Peterson 25 1975 built by Composite Technologies/Andy Green. White gel coat hull/Navy blue stripes, 2017 Picture from Dutch QT Class Facebook;

Rat Race Jr US Peterson 1977
Rio de Sur
JPN ?, 1976 QTC: 16e/36
US Peterson ?, 1977 Quarter-Ton North American Championship, San Diego: 8-7-10-10-5 = 9e/14, J. McLaren;
US Peterson ?, 1977 Quarter-Ton North American Championship, San Diego: 12-12-dnf-13-dnf = 14e/14, J. Lewienn;
St Goliath
J 2308 Peterson 26 design #72 ?, 1978 The third sister, ST. GOLIATH, had already sunk before the Worlds and was refloated and competed., QTC, Japan: 15-13-7-14-dnf = 15e/34, Takao Ninomiya;
Star Eyed Stella ? Peterson #39 ?;
Tickled Pink US Peterson ?; 
Valkirye USA 47105 Peterson ?, 2004 Three Bridge Fiasco, San Francisco: DNS/34 Class 4
Wild Hair Jr US Peterson ?, 2019 2 pictures from Facebook, boat for sale;

?? Doug Peterson 1/4 tonner was built at the Burmester Yard in Germany in 1976. A sister ship to 'Star Eyed Stella', info and pictures from Dutch QT Facebook, March 2018 ;


Chita 25 design 35 or 72!?, built in Japan, pictures from Peterson Design Facebook 2018,



Seaway 25, design #56, built by Stevenson Sailboats Pty Ltd (Australia), 7,87 x 2,49 x 1,52m, disp: 1270kg, from 1978 to ???, (60 builts??);

?? ? Seaway 25 ?, 2019 May, from Sailing Anarchy: "Originally drawn by the Late/Great Doug Peterson as a trailerable dumbed down version of his 1/4 Ton Design, Star Eyed Stella. About 60 built in Australia by Tom Stephenson as a Seaway 25. Tom won the 1/2 Ton Cup in 1975 in Foxy Lady, one of Dougs designs.Tommy went on to become Peterson’s agent in Australia. Originally had 500kg of internal ballast,and I put about 200 kg of that back on the lengthened Centreboard. Found an old Carbon 18ft Skiff Mast and Boom.Bringing recycling to a waterway near you. It should be a good thing under IRC.
We finally worked through all the formalities and got my boat out of Singapore off the docks, towed into Malaysia,then out of Malaysia and finally into Thailand where we are now working around the clock trying to get the thing finished for Koh Samui Regatta that starts Monday week. Some Singapore copper sent me down the car lane at Customs.I told him the thing would not fit but he did not listen, the dopey prick. Sure enough the boom gate comes crashing down on the boat and WWIII has started. The whole exit lane is blocked. No one can get out of Singapore by car. I am surrounded by 20 coppers yelling at me in their native tongue .Car Keys and Passport confiscated. Plenty going on. No guns drawn, but I might tune up the story a bit to include some fire power! One hour or so later I am cleared to go
". – Anarchist Michael



MG 26, built in the Netherlands by Jachtwerf Lewin in Vianen, brochure:

El Principo 47171, seen on MG26 brochure
Jeanne NED? MG 26, 2013 Joost Leo Kerke has planned to participate to Dutch QTC: DNS;
NED? MG 26, 2013 Clemens Rolink has planned to participate to Dutch QTC: DNS;
Move te Groove
NED 7118 MG26, 2013 Dutch QTC: 17e/25, 2014
On Dutch Quarter List, Fred Pul;
Seawinds NED MG26 , 2015 Information and picture from Dutch QT Facebook, Schipper: Lein Sturm, Ligplaats: Kamperland;


Contessa 25, design #12(?), chantier Jeremy Rodgers, de 1975 à ?, 10 bateaux construits (Sailboatdata) ... 25' 2" x 21' 0" x 9' 6":

Au moins 4 bateaux ont été importés en France, 1 directement du chantier, et 3 via le chantier Le Couteur de Camaret qui avait importé 3 ensembles coques et ponts pour les assembler en France et les diffuser. Les 3 coques étaient: blanche avec 3 bandes horizontales rouges, blanche avec 3 bandes horizontales oranges et toute blanche.

"Bateaux" Novembre 1975

Aladin F 2153 Contessa 25 ?, ex "Hot Pression", 2014 15 aout, Festival de la Voile, Ile Aux Moines: 4e/14 Osiris 1, Pierre Barbe;
Bituri II
F Contessa 25 ?, 2005 Aout, au mouillage au Bono, Riviére d'Auray, photos de Paul Adam, 2014 Aout, A Vendre voir l'annonce ci-dessous:
NOR 785 Contessa 25 ?, ex "Busy Bee", 2000 16 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 44': 41e/44 TUR 3 en 9h11', Thor Erik Pape;
Boozin’ Blues
NED Contessa 25 1976, 2014 On Dutch Quarter List, Dennis Pessers, For Sale € 15.750:

Busy Bee
NOR 785 Contessa 25 ?, 1980 Færderseilasen: 1er/17 IOR 6-7, Baltzersen, 1991 7 juin, Færderseilasen: 24e/37 Klasse 6/B, L. Berger, 1992 Færderseilasen: 4e/37 Klasse 4/A, 36e/37 Klasse 4/A,1993 11 juin, Færderseilasen:1993 11 juin, Færderseilasen: 34e/34 Klasse 4/A, renamed "Bolero";
Five III
BEL 665, 2013 is sold and moving to Amsterdam area, 2014 On Dutch Quarter List, Gino Verbruggen;
Hobnail K 6177 Contessa 25 1975;
K 631 Contessa 25 ?, Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;
Hot Pression
F 2153 Contessa 25 ?, 1985 Spi Ouest France: 2e HN C Mr Deguilhem, 2003 GP du Crouesty: ?e??, H. Deguilhem, renommé "Aladin";
IR Contessa 25 ?, Picture from Facebook 2020;

Lady Bird F 7263 Contessa 25 1976;
Lady C F 7263 Contessa 25 1976, ex "Lady Bird"?;
GBR ? Contessa 25 1976, 2011 A Vendre;
Mumbo Jumbo GBR 6232 Contessa 25 1976;
Popcorn GBR 6362 Contessa QT 1976;
Red Label
F ?, 1978 New French Owner, 1983 Sold;
K 6256 Contessa 25 ? Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;
GRE 1417 Contessa 25 ?, 2016 Seen on ORC Boat Database, owner: Dimitrios Panidis;
? Contessa 25 ?, 1975 QTC Deauville: ?e/43;
K Contessa 25 ?, 2009 Falmouth Anchorage, Picture from Paul Adam,

Teden II FRA ? Contessa 25 ?, 2009
photos-pictures, 2010 A Vendre-For Sale

2014 Aout, Suite déménagement vend voilier Contessa 25 (quillard: TE 1,7m), Belle unité anglaise, Voilier de course, équipé croisière, (4 couchettes), Wc, kitchenette, Moteur inboard Yanmar 6cv diesel refait a neuf 2013, Pont refait en 2012, Changement complet du Gréement en 2004 (mat, bome, haubans, etc..), Jeu de voiles usagé. Équipement complet (loch, speedo, sondeur, GPS, VHF, ...), Visible rivière d Auray. Prix: 3 000Euro(s) (ou échange contre semi rigide sur remorque), photos de l'annonce,

2019 Janvier, photo Dutch QT Class Facebook, ,

Picture from Peterson Design Facebook 2018,

2020 Contessa 25, Newham Scrapyard, Truro, Cornwall, from Facebook Group Sitting there rotting in a boatyard,