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Peppermint Patti, US ?????
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1981 plan Nelson/Marek, built by Betts


Information and picture Facebook 2022, "Peppermint Patty was launched in 1981 and Betts was sufficiently inspired to move back to Southern California to build boats. A year later, he got his first contract boat, a Nelson/Marek IOR One Ton design for a partner group from the San Diego Yacht Club. Crackerjack had an aluminum hull and plywood/honeycomb deck. Betts says they won “tons of races with that one.”"
"Nice, similar to Blivit?"
"I only saw Peppermint Patti out on the water a few times out of San Diego yacht club or Southwestern yacht club. IOR was on the tail end for small boats as MORC was taking over. That was a long time ago so my memory might be scewed!"