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à jour au: juin 2008
1982, plan Andrew PEACE, prototype

1982 Cowes Week: ?e/?. Duncan PEACE

1984 QUARTER TON CUP, Nieuwpoort: ??e/26, D. P. PEACE
Picture from DQT Hylke 2017

puis est vendu.

QUARTER TON CUP, GB: 14 - 19 - 18 - 19 - 15 - 19 - (20) - 13 - 16 = 133pts, 18e/20, Coeff: 0,884. Stephen PATTERSON

2008 Info Site Quarter GB: Pacifist - back in original hands. Duncan PEACE has recently bought Pacifist - a boat he designed during the Winter of 1981 - a couple of years after graduating from Southampton University.  
She was built by Steve Etheridge and Neville Hutton and work commenced in the Spring of '81 and she was launched in time for Cowes Week. I continued to sail the boat for a couple of seasons, culminating in the 1/4 Ton Cup in 1984, then sold the boat to concentrate on a career and some one design racing - mostly J24's.   Refit work has commenced and I hope to be on the water in time for the Quarter Ton Cup in June.'