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???, G 3479
à jour au: 2020
1988 plan Georg NISSEN


Evergreen, GER 3479

2015 February, picture and comment from Dutch QT Facebook "Does anyone recognize this Nissen 1/4 tonner? Was for sale in Germany some time ago..." :

2017 September, picture and comment from Dutch QT Facebook "Nissen q ton on lake Müritz last weekend, powered by Prime Sails." :

2020 Avril, For Sale Cruiser/Racer 1986, Built for the quarter tonner worlds in 1988 in Germany (Jansen & Büll). Designed by the succesful designer Georg Nissen(including measurement). (Upgraded 2017-2020), It follows on from the successful yachts of previous years, but has been modified in a number of essential points, especially under the aspect of a good allround sailing racer. This first high-tech quarter-tonner in Germany was only produced in a small series that will cause asensation on the IOR regatta courses in the coming years. Specifications: loa. 7.68m, bmax. 2.70m, draft. 1.55m, dspl. 1410 kg, Mast with two spreader and jumper in extra light regatta version(diamand) Rod-Rigg, spinnaker boom made of carbon white, boom: Seldén; Tuff Luff for Jib; €16.900, near of Berlin , Deutschland