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plans Gary MULL


Plan Mull à la Quarter Ton Cup:

QTC 1976: 3e Expresso, 6e Spread Eagle, 32e Tequila Sunrise.

QTC 1978: ?e Kinuco



Bambina US ? G. Mull ?, See below - Voir ci dessous; 
US ? G. Mull ?, 1976 QTC Corpus Christi: 3e/36, Darden, 2017
from Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Here in action at the Lost Bay Regatta (Point Yacht Club) in Alabama. Thanks for the picture Michael Smith! Love the BBQ :-)... The boat is for sale by the way. Anyone? ... Hi Matt, think still at the Point Yacht Club in Alabama!";

It Happens HKG 5795 G. Mull 1979, Picture from GB Quarter website:

US 2337 G. Mull ?, 1978 QTC Japan: ?e/32, David Allen;
Spread Eagle
US ? G. Mull, 1976 QTC Corpus Christi: 6e/36, Erikson, 1977 Quarter-Ton North American Championship, San Diego: 7-4-8-9-dns = 10e/14, Erikson, 2009 May, from forum: "I had heard that the old Mull "Spread Eagle" was without a keel in a ravine near the SD zoo a few years ago. I'm sure it has been removed and destroyed long ago.";
1976 November "Les Cahiers du Yachting"
Swamp Dog
K 2691 G Mull 1981, 2009 Undergoing major surgery, 2018 From Dutch QT Class Facebook: "James Blackburn is selling his Gary Mull 1/4 tonner 'Swamp Dog'. She was built 1976(?) in Bay of Islands out of double diagonal kauri glassed externally. She was rescued and rebuilt from the deck up from 2008 to 2010 including a new deck and a new cabin top. Great looking boat, located in Whangarei (New Zealand). Anyone?";

Tequila Sunrise H Mull ?;

Production boats: Ranger 23.

?, US 18846
1976 plan Gary Mull

Could be "Spread Eagle" or "Expresso"??

Bambina, US ?????

2014 1er décembre, For Sale in San Fransisco, a Gary Mull 1/4 tonner, This Is a custom built boat designed by Garry Mull. The boat was designed to compete in the IOR 1/4 ton series. This boat is ready to go with new standing rigging, bew running rigging,... new 2-speed winches, new tiller, new quantum carbon kevlar laminate sails. This boat needs nothing other than a little bit of work on the OMC 15hp sail drive. Located in California, $4,500
Anyone? http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/21913

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