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Royal Flush, SA 668
à jour au: november 2018
1982 plan Lavranos, construit en Afrique Du Sud par le chantier Ton Cup Yachts

1982 Certificat IOR, (from Dutch QT Facebook 2015)

Lipton Cup: 2e/??
Mainstay Week: 1er/??

1983 Lipton Cup: 1er/??
Rothmans Week: 1er/??
Mainstay Week: 1er/??

1984 Rothmans Week: 1er/??
Mainstay Week: 1er/??

1985 Rothmans Week: 1er/?? IOR
Keelboat Week: 1er/?? IOR

March, new owner: Joey van der WESTHUIZEN
, Ajaccio: 4 - 3 - 4 - 4 - 2 = 1er/27, Geof MEEK
(Link to QTC reports)
Aout "Voile Magazine",

Septembre "Course Au Large",

September "Sailing",

1985 "L'Année Bateaux",

"South African newspaper":

1986 Crystic Week: 2e/?? IOR
Double Cap race: 2e/?? Overall

2009 11 fevrier, Coeff IRC: 0.910

2015 Mars, Informations and pictures From Dutch QT Facebook, received from Angelo Lavranos: "I designed 'Royal Flush' in 1982 after the quarter Ton Rating limit was changed from 18 ft to 18.5 ft. My 1/4 tonner 'Sweet Pea' class had won all the regattas in South Africa from 1977 onwards. Herewith attached photos and write-ups from that time. 'Royal Flush' is still located in Cape Town, probably at the Royal Cape Yacht Club." Differents pictures for different colours for differents years:

2015 Mai, vu au chantier à Cape Town:

22 juillet, le bateau a été déplacé et devrait être mis en chantier pour un refit.
August, From Dutch QT Facebook: Marius Jan Swart Will do!

December, From Dutch QT Facebook:

2018 February, From Dutch QT Facebook:

November, from boat's Facebook page,

10 November, "Good Day. The day has finally arrived that Royal Flush will be relaunched. We will have a celebration at the Gordons Bay Yacht club at 2pm Saturday 10th of November. There are “braai” facilities and a cash bar. Open to anyone who wants to come."