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Fred Again, KC 39111
à jour au: 2014

1976 plan Bruce Kirby,

1976 Quarter Ton Cup, Corpus Christi: ? - ? - ? - ? - 1 = 7e/36, George WILKINS

Pictures from Dutch QT Class, Facebook in 2014 and 2016

???? From Dutch QT Facebook december 2016: "George Wilkins who owned all the FRED's died in the late 80's. I bought 'FRED again' (KC-39111) from his son. Here some old pics and some pics taken after I restored it. I sold her to a guy in Squamish B.C. who promised he was going to continue the restoration but he didn't.... Poor old FRED is sitting under a tarp, stripped of hardware & paint - probably scrap by now... A sad end for a fun and notable boat."

2014 July, From www.sailinganarchy.com: " I saw FRED Again this morning and even caught up with Brian for a chat. He has sailed it hard and often, to the point where he blew out a chainplate from the bulkhead. He said it is very fast downwind and he has literally sailed the piss out of it. Everything is pulled off and the hull beaded for fairing. The bottom of the keel has a chunk missing because when the boat was measured and weighed, the lead had to be cut out for a few inches to comply and then was faired back to size. Brian said he has new sails and instruments for it and had a painter that would spray it. It had a brand new engine that SJB must have put in. I shot a couple of pics of the bottom. There is some work to do..."