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2 plans Frers:

??, ??
à jour au: 2014
1983 plan Frers


Moustache 2, ARG 2361

2010 In Argentina - Paquita design. Cedar wood epoxy laminate, Based in San Nicolas de los Arroyos.

2014 November, Pictures From Dutch QT Facebook:

??, ??
à jour au: 2015
1970 plan Frers, Quarteron 26, built in plywood


Rocinante, ARG ??83

2015 Aout, Infoormation and Pictures From Dutch QT Facebook, :

German Riveira
"I would like to share my 1/4 ton is German Frers design his name is Rocinante I is built in plywood it is currently in Argentina, Buenos Aires.  No races 1/4 ton in Argentina but the boat runs PHRF formulated and is very fast. The boat never ran 1/4 cup ton. The sailboat was Built in 1970 the model is Quarteron 26. I bought more than two years ago and have pictures of the repairs and the races in which he participated so far."