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plans Jack DE RIDDER,




Balletent H 2434 1977;
De Ridder 1972;
Extension GBR 3575 1974,
Lady Lion H 2434 1977, ex Ballatent.


Plans Jack De Ridder à la Quarter Ton Cup:

QTC 75: ?e Minestrone

QTC 77: 7e Balletent

QTC 79: ?e Balletent.

QTC 84: ?e Lady Lion,


Extention 24, série construite en ? par George Stead Yacht, UK:

"Extension" and "Slow Motion", These 3 pictures came from Dutch QT Facebook

Liste des bateaux:

Balletent H 2434 De Ridder 1977;
Balletent NED 2284, ex "Explosion", 2013 ? has planned to participate to Dutch QTC, DNS;
picture from Dutch QTC
Beau Bateau II H 2733 Extension 24 ?, ex "Gi-Gi";
De Ridder 1972, 2009 she is in refit at the moment. Model like Extension;

Coquette K 6005 ?;

Exception H 2256 ?;
NED 2284 1977, 2011 under refit, picture from Hylke Steensma, 2013 new name: Balletent;

Gi-Gi H 2733 Extension 24 ?, ex "Mascotte";

Limited Edition NED 6236 ?;

Mascotte H 2733 Extension 24 ?;
Minestrone GBR 6143 1974;
Picture from Dutch QT Class, Facebook
Mustang H 2216 ?, ex "Satisfaction"

Nervous Tension GBR 6144 1975;
NED 2304 ?, 2014 Dutch QT Facebook: "The Extension 1/4 tonner 'Nimrim' (Jac de Ridder design, sail number H 2304) was sold in the Netherlands in the summer of 2011. The broker can't figure out anymore who bought the 'project'... .. Does any Dutch 1/4 ton lover recognize the boat or maybe knows more? Ton Wiering This boat stood a couple of years on a terrain in Akersloot called "Ruigewaard". The first few foto's were taken there. Someday it dissapeared, because the owner was not able to finish the project. Don't know where it is now... "

Overdrive H 2762 ?;

Roets NED ?;
Rum Bleu GBR 6262 1979, ex Shotgun III";

Satisfaction H 2216 ?;
Shotgun III K 6262 Extention 24 197?, renamed "Rum Bleu";
Slow Motion NED 2176, 2013 Ben Steffen has planned to participate to Dutch QTC, Dutch Quarter Ton Cup: DNC/25; Pictures from Dutch QT Class, Facebook;

Tente Ball NED 2284, 2013 Mât Teun has planned to participate to Dutch QTC: DNS;

1974 January "Yachting World":

1974 December "Yachting & Boating Weekly":

Article and Pictures from Dutch QT Class, Facebook: