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plans Martin BILLOCH,


Seguridad Juncal, ARG 3444
à jour, 2015
1989 plan Martin Billoch built in veneer/plywood

       QUARTO 90
  QUARTER TON CUP:  11 - 11 - 13 - 1 - 15 = 4e/38, Martin BILLOCH/Lange/Medes/Scherianz
            For sale in Spain after the QTC-90.
Source: Martin Billoch


"When we went to Spain [for the QTC-90], we really did not have any money at all. The mast was built after I went to a Star boat class shed and bought a broken Star mast for 200 dollar. From there we built the mast.
The engine was a loan from a friend, Aldo Levis, who was originally going to be part of the team; -Thanks again Aldo!
Sails were lent and ultimatly donated by UK Sails-Argentina (Pedro Gianotti).
The [boat-] builder, who originated from Galicia, was proud to be the builder of a boat that was going to race in his native lands and seas! and taged along as shore crew too.
And so on... ending up spending non or very little money.
The small amount of money spent came from another friend of mine running the insurance company Seguridad Juncal!
Upon arrival in Bayona we found out that due to having a sponsor we had to spend a double entry fee. After permission from our Seguridad Juncal friend Carlos Sacayo, we re-named the boat "Quarto'90", Quarto as for Quarter Tonner and 90 for the year of the Worlds...
And we got a 700 Dollar refund!!! We could not believe it! We were rich again!!!
" Martin Billoch, 2010

Un deuxiéme bateau a été construit:

??, A 3636
à jour, 2015
1991 plan Martin Billoch built in veneer/plywood??

  1991  From Martin Billoch: "Built for the expected light wind QTC-91 in Greece, but never made the trip."

Mucho Sol IV, URU 1555

2015 October, from Dutch QTC Facebook: "The boat is sailing as 'Mucho Sol IV' now from the Yacht Club Uruguayo in Montevideo, Uruguay."

2018 March, from Dutch QTC Facebook: